ByWater Solutions Gives Back - August 2019

ByWater Solutions fully embraces the ideals and practices of open source software. All custom development sponsored by our partners and developed internally is publicly available via ByWater's GitHub repositories.

After a development has been tested and approved by the sponsor, we submit the changes to the community in the preferred format (most often a patch or a pull request).

At ByWater, we believe transparency is a key to success. This is why we submit all the custom developments, plugins, tools and documentation we create to the Koha Community.

Below you will find a few patches that the ByWater Development Team has worked on independently and submitted to the community as part of our give back program.

Koha patches shared with the community

Add 'All' option to report value dropdowns: This patch optionally adds an 'all' option to report dropdowns. Read more about Bug 23389

Expanding facets (Show more) performs a new search: This patch removes the constraint of only passing 5 facets to the template unless the list is expanded, in fact, it removes the 'expanded' attribute from Now that all facets are passed to page it adds a 'show more' link at the bottom of lists and allows user to expand or collapse any facet set without reloading page. Read More about Bug 14419

Simplify parameters for running automated reports: This patch allows you to send any report via a cronjob without needing to create a version that takes parameters. Read more about Bug 16219

Read more by Jessie Zairo

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