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ByWater Solutions Contributions to Koha Community for November 2023

ByWater Solutions, America’s forefront provider of Open Source library technology support, announced the contributions to the Koha Community code from the ByWater Development team. At ByWater, we believe transparency is the key to success. We submit all developments, plugins, tools, and documentation we create back to the Koha Community.

Below you will find some of the recent enhancements the ByWater Solutions development team worked on for the month of November, 2023 with over 60 contributions.

You can view the last 30 days of all development work contributed by the ByWater Solutions team on Bugzilla.

Kyle Hall

Bug 34529 - Offline circulation should be able to accept userid as well as cardnumber

Bug 34456 - Add the ability to download a template rendered report as a file

Bug 34136 - Add ability to render a report using a notice template

Nick Clemens

Bug 35254 - Adding files to basket from a staged file uses wrong inputs for order information when not all records are selected

Bug 34509 - Cannot create baskets if too many vendors

Bug 24480 - Fields added with MARC modifications templates are not added in an ordered way

Lucas Gaas

Bug 34275 - Add a button to easily toggle between advanced/basic cataloging editors

Bug 35295 - No hold modal when checking in an item of a held record

Bug 35253 - Make materials specified note easier to customize

Laura Escamilla

Bug 34954 - Typo: datexpiry

Sam Lau

Bug 34188 - Require library selection when logging in

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