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ByWater Solutions Contributions to Koha - August 2022

ByWater Solutions, America’s forefront provider of Open Source library technology support, announced the contributions to the Koha Community code from the ByWater Development team. At ByWater, we believe transparency is the key to success. We submit all developments, plugins, tools, and documentation we create back to the Koha Community.

Below you will find some of the recent enhancements the ByWater Solutions development team worked on for the month of August.

You can view the last 30 days of all development work contributed by the ByWater Solutions team on Bugzilla.

Kyle Hall

  • Bug 30901 - Add template method to be able to look up renewal data in Koha slips and notices
  • Bug 12225 - SIP does not respect the “no block” flag
  • Bug 31296 - Add ability to disable demagnetizing items via SIP2 based on itemtypes

Nick Clemens

  • Bug 31017 - Add type field for vendors
  • Bug 7660 - Enhanced messaging preferences are not set when creating a child patron from the adult
    • Nick saw 20 votes on this one and said, let's get this into koha! Thank you for the votes!!!
  • Bug 29282 - Show items.issue and items.renewals in the holdings table on the detail page in the staff interface

Lucas Gass

  • Bug 30039 - Add publication date column to serial claims table
  • Bug 30716 - Add Collection column to cn_browser results table
  • Bug 31377 - Add basket's internal note to tables on vendor search result list

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