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ByWater Solutions Contributions to Koha - November 2022

ByWater Solutions, America’s forefront provider of Open Source library technology support, announced the contributions to the Koha Community code from the ByWater Development team. At ByWater, we believe transparency is the key to success. We submit all developments, plugins, tools, and documentation we create back to the Koha Community.

Below you will find some of the recent enhancements the ByWater Solutions development team worked on for the month of November 2022.

You can view the last 30 days of all development work contributed by the ByWater Solutions team on Bugzilla.

Kyle Hall

  • Bug 32034 - Library branch transfers should be in the action logs
  • Bug 31575 - Missing warning for holds where AllowHoldPolicyOverride can be used to force a hold to be placed
  • Bug 30114 - Koha offline circulation will always cancel the next hold when issuing item to a patron

Nick Clemens

  • Bug 24127 - Improve wording on location drop-down in advanced search in the staff interface
  • Bug 25758 - Items scheduled for automatic renewal do not show that they will not renew due to a hold
  • Bug 28799 - Action logs should capture lost items found

Lucas Gaas

  • Bug 31886 - No side menu when searching for syspref
  • Bug 32389 - Syndetics links are built wrong on the staff results page
  • Bug 31808 - When placing a hold patron name is not displaying correctly

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