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Aspen Discovery 24.05.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 24.05.00 release is now available.

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24.05.00 Release Notes

This release includes code contributions from:

  • ByWater Solutions
    • Mark Noble (MDN)
    • Kirstien Kroeger (KK)
    • Kodi Lein (KL)
    • Kyle Hall (KH)
  • PTFS-Europe
    • Jacob O'Mara (JOM)
  • Theke Solutions
    • Lucas Montoya (LM)

Accessibility Updates

  • In the search sidebar the Applied Filters and Narrow Your Results headings have been updated to H3 elements for better structure and accessibility. (KK)
  • Added aria-expanded attributes to filter headings in the search sidebar for better accessibility. (KK)
  • The "Go to Top" button will no longer display on tablets and phone devices due to the size causing issues for using Aspen Discovery. (KK)
  • Added the aria-expanded attribute to the "What's this?" link on My Preferences page for better accessibility. (KK)
  • Update several modal buttons to button elements from span elements. (KK)
  • For availability control toggles, added aria-pressed attribute to indicate if the button is pressed. (KK)
  • Added title attributes to custom menu links in the navigation bar. (KK)

API Updates

  • In the Search API, fixed a bug in getAppActiveBrowseCategories where browse categories of Lists had empty results and not displaying. (KK)
  • In the Search API, decode the sort method in searchLite. (KK)
  • In the Item API, getRecords will now return the hold type for the format and variation IDs. (KK)
  • In the Item API, the default hold type is now 'bib' for getRecords and getVariations to match functionality of Aspen Discovery when formats are not found in the ILS Indexing Format Mapping table. (KK)
  • Some general cleanup when checking for a valid user before getting personalized browse category results for the API. (KK)

Boundless Updates

  • Additional checking for Boundless records that should have a format of eComic. (MDN)
  • Fix issue with availability when there are multiple settings for Boundless (KL)

cloudLibrary Updates

  • Additional checking for cloudLibrary records that should have a format of eComic based on 650 fields. (MDN)
  • Error handling when viewing cloudLibrary staff view. (MDN)
  • Add additional error handling and retries during cloudLibrary indexing. (MDN)

Data Protection Updates

  • Fixed issue where Cookie Consent banner would not disappear while not logged in, regardless of cookie preferences. (JOM)
  • Added the ability to only apply JS-Snippets if cookie consent is given while "Require Cookie Consent" is enabled. (JOM)

Help Center Documentation


  • Added new a new event integration with Assabet Interactive (KL)

New Settings

  • Events > Assabet - Interactive Settings

New Permissions

  • Administer Assabet Settings

Help Center Documentation

Hoopla Updates

  • Force regrouping of Hoopla records when updating single works from the command line. (MDN)
  • Error handling when viewing hoopla staff view. (MDN)

Indexing and Grouping Updates

  • Make determination of format by bib consistent when determining format for use in indexing and determining format for use in grouping.
  • Add a format group of other to handle things like video games and other materials that are not, books, movies, or music. Previously these were grouped with Books. (MDN)
  • Add a format group of comic to handle grouping Graphic Novels, Manga, and Comics. (MDN)
  • When determining the author to display for a grouped work, first look at records with a format category of book and then records with a format category of eBook. (MDN)
  • If 655 contains manga graphic novel, mark the record with a format of Manga. (MDN)
  • Expand formats when loading format from the 008 field. (MDN)
    • If position 6 of the leader is m, check position 26 of the 008 and set the format as follows
      • a = Numeric Data
      • b = Computer Program
      • g = Video Game
      • everything else remains Electronic
    • If position 6 of the leader is r, check position 33 of the 008 and set the format as follows
      • a = Art Original
      • b = Kit
      • c = Journal
      • d = Diorama
      • f = Filmstrip
      • g = Game
      • i = Picture
      • k = Graphic
      • l = Technical Drawing
      • n = Chart
      • o = Flash card
      • p = Microscope Slide
      • q = Model
      • r = Realia
      • s = Slide
      • t = Transparency
      • w = Toy
      • everything else remains Physical Object
  • Correct grouping works to handle author authorities when processing manual grouping. (MDN)
  • When manually grouping works, take the grouping category into account. (MDN)
  • When manually grouping works, allow comics to be grouped with books and other to be grouped with anything else. (MDN)
  • Refactor indexers so settings are stored within the Indexing Profile object for easier testing. (MDN)
  • Remove unused "Individual MARC Path", "Number of characters to create folder from", and "Create Folder From Leading Characters" settings from Indexing Profile and Sideloads. (MDN)
  • Remove obsolete checks of the file system for MARC data. (MDN)
  • Remove unsupported specified format settings from Indexing Profiles. (MDN)

NoveList Updates

  • NoveList (All in One) integration is now an option within Grouped Work Display settings, Full Record Options. (MDN)
  • Properly capitalize NoveList in all locations. (MDN)
  • Allow NoveList Series integration to be disabled. Turns off "Also in this Series" section as well as the display of the NoveList series name and volume in full record and search results. Instead, the series information from the ILS and/or eContent will be displayed. (MDN)

New Settings

  • Grouped Work Display > Full Record Display > Full Record Options > NoveList (All in One)
  • System Variables > Enable NoveList Series Integration

Help Center Documentation

Open Archives

  • Add text/xml to the list of available content types for OAI Collections. (MDN)

OverDrive Updates

  • Additional checking for OverDrive records that should have a format of eComic. (MDN)
  • Update error handling for OverDrive records when the active library does not have access to the record being viewed. (MDN)

Palace Project Updates

  • Properly handle when titles are contained within multiple collections. (MDN)
  • Update Palace Project to handle last modified date for incremental indexing. (MDN)

Polaris Updates

  • Add additional checking for if an item has been moved between bibs when determining which bibs need to be updated. (MDN)
  • Update checking if old PIN/Password was valid during password reset process. (MDN)

Sierra Updates

  • When prompting for an item to place a hold on. Treat item statuses of - with a due date as checked out. (MDN)
  • Allow holds to be frozen even when the user is the first and only person in line for a title. (MDN)
  • Update Sierra Updater to automatically look at all records with MARC Holdings that have not been updated for 24 hours at 9PM each night to account for MARC holdings that may have changed without the bib changing. (MDN)
  • Do not export MARC fields in the bib that match the Sierra Fixed Field Export destination. (MDN)
  • Added option to define username field for Sierra libraries (KL)

New Settings

  • Library Systems > ILS/Account Integration > User Profile > Username Field

Help Center Documentation

Solr Updates

  • Remove deprecated solr 7.6 from the code base. (MDN)

Testing Updates

JUnit Test Updates

  • Setup Aspen for JUnit Testing (MDN)
  • Add testing for determining Grouping Category (MDN)
  • Add testing for format determination. (MDN)

PHPUnit Test Updates

  • Test solr startup and shutdown (MDN)
  • Additional User API tests (MDN)

Web Builder Updates

  • Now, if you need to be logged in to fill a custom form out, Aspen will redirect you correctly to the form url alias. (LM)
  • Now, if you need to be logged in to submit a poll, Aspen will redirect you correctly to the polls url alias. (LM)


  • When deleting Grouped Work Display Settings, only allow them to be deleted if they are not linked to a library or location. (MDN)
  • When freezing or thawing holds, update title of results dialog to Your Results instead of Success. (MDN)
  • Web Builder page cells will now again save the custom color scheme. (KK)
  • For Libby, Boundless, Palace Project, and CloudLibrary holds, set cancelable to true, allowing cancellation in Aspen LiDA. (KK)
  • In the record's details display, the button 'More info'/'Access online' has been re-adapted according to the size of the screen. (LM)
  • Added a toggle that allows/disallows masquerading using a username (KL)
  • Fix issue where if a user is doing a quick poll that requires logging in, opens a new tab, signs out in that tab and another user logs in - the new user won't be able to submit the poll that is still open in the other tab (KL)

New Settings

  • Library Systems > ILS/Account Integration > Masquerade Mode > Allow Masquerading Using Username

Help Center Documentation

  • Fixed some tooltips that had incorrect information (KL)
  • Fixed issue where showing search tools at the top of results was not working for Events or Genealogy (KL)
  • Fix issue where USPS validation was not working when allowing input of alternate contact information (KL)
  • Official repository has been transferred to (MDN)
  • Add schema documentation for the Aspen database at (KH)
  • Remove old unused test definitions. (MDN)
  • Correct display of related INN-Reach records when viewing a record from the ILS. (MDN)
  • Removed unused getMarcRecord API within ItemAPI. (MDN)
  • Remove unused/unmaintained Horizon Export. (MDN)
  • Work on moving packages for Aspen Discovery indexing code. (MDN)
  • Allow footer logo alt to be inherited from parent theme. (MDN)
  • Fix updating saved searches. (MDN)
  • Fix default colors for some elements within themes to be white. (MDN)
  • Error handling when viewing records that are not linked to a grouped work. (MDN)
  • Correct license included in repository based on VuFind original license. (MDN)
  • Optimize session table during nightly cron. (MDN)
  • Fix displaying Alternate Titles and Authors in staff view. (MDN)
  • Make footer image alt text visible to screen readers. (MDN)
  • Do additional escaping of some data within staff view. (MDN)
  • Prevent bots from indexing rss feeds from search results. (MDN)

Aspen LiDA Updates

  • If a format is not found in ILS Indexing Format Mapping table, Aspen LiDA will now assume the hold type is bib, instead of item, matching functionality to Aspen Discovery. (KK)
  • Placing a hold or checking out items from the Editions modal will now have the same results as doing the same on the Grouped Work screen. (KK)
  • Fixed a bug where tapping on some browse category headings would cause the app to crash when loading results. (KK)
  • Browse categories that are Lists will now again display on the Discover/Home screen. (KK)
  • When renaming an existing list, My Lists will now properly re-render and display the lists as expected. (KK)
  • Self-checkouts will now attribute to the correct user when linked accounts are present. (KK)
  • Toasts will again display when expected after completing a task. (KK)
  • Users can now cancel their eContent holds just as they can in Discovery. (KK)
  • Previews for eContent samples will properly open up the content. (KK)
  • Users can again remove linked accounts. (KK)
  • Hiding/Showing browse categories works as expected once again. (KK)
  • Sorting Checkouts and Holds properly reloads and sorts after updating the option. (KK)
  • Fixed a bug where the Notification Onboarding prompt might have re-rendered if the user did not interact with it quick enough. (KK)
  • General cleanup in the UI for dark mode. (KK)

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