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Aspen Discovery 23.09.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 23.09.00 release is now available.

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This release includes code contributions from:

  • ByWater Solutions
  • James Staub
  • Theke Solutions

Thanks to all of our contributors!!

23.09.00 Release Notes

Account Updates

  • Added option to allow users to retrieve their barcodes via text using Twilio.

New Settings

  • Library Systems > ILS/Account Integration > Login > Enable "Forgot Barcode?" Link on Login Screen"

See Help Center Documentation

  • When starting Masquerade mode, allow the administrator to enter either barcode or username as applicable for the ILS.
  • Add a session expiration of 15 minutes of inactivity when Masquerading.
  • Automatically refresh the page when a session is scheduled to finish

Administration Updates

  • Added the ability to Export to CSV for most administration setting tables (including eCommerce Report and Donations Report). Export to CSV will maintain applied filters.
  • Added the ability to Export Selected to CSV for most administration setting tables (including eCommerce Report and Donations Report).
  • For all Export to CSV functionality will only export columns displayed in the table by default.
  • Allow individual fields to be locked within Aspen so only users with the ability to lock and unlock fields to edit them.

See Help Center Documentation - export to CSV

New Permissions

  • Lock Administration Fields

See Help Center Documentation


  • Handle cases when authentication tokens time out while loading records for display within a list.

eCommerce Updates

  • Added permissions to allow libraries to see only their own ecommerce and donations reports.

New Permissions

  • View eCommerce Reports for All Libraries
  • View Donations Reports for All Libraries
  • View eCommerce Reports for Home Library
  • View Donations Reports for Home Library

See Help Center Documentation

Event Updates

  • Add a class of addToYourEventsBtn to all buttons labelled Add to Your Events.

Facet Updates

  • Added ability to edit facets for websites and Open Archives
  • Updated the facet for event date to limit the max date to the number of days events are indexed for

New Permissions

  • Administer All Website Facet Settings
  • Administer Library Website Facet Settings
  • Administer All Open Archives Facet Settings
  • Administer Library Open Archives Facet Settings

New Settings

  • Open Archives > Open Archives Facet Settings
  • Website Indexing > Website Facet Settings

Help Center Documentation - Open Archives

Help Center Documentation - Website Indexing

Hoopla Updates

  • When linking to author pages, do not quote the author name since Hoopla does not provide authors in lastname, firstname format.

Indexing Updates

  • Create a new Indexing Class specific to Nashville to account for unique format determination rules.
  • Carl.X libraries will now use standard format determination depending on the type of format determination selected (bib/item)

Interface Updates

  • If a user manually provides input when selecting a date for automatic hold cancellation, it will now check if the date is earlier than the current date.
  • While paying a fine if a user inputs a value higher than the outstanding amount, they will be alerted and the total to be paid will not be updated.

Koha Updates

  • Display a more specific error message if a user cannot be logged into Koha while updating patron information with the review queue on.

Polaris Updates

  • When updating patron information in Polaris check Aspen settings to see what information should not be modifiable and do not send those values to Polaris.
  • Allow holds that are available for pickup to be cancelled, frozen/thawed, and pickup location to be changed.

Search Updates

  • Only provide spelling and search suggestions for Keyword, Title, Start of Title, Author, Series, and Subject Searches.

Single Sign-on (SSO) Updates

  • Add ability to restrict single sign-on by IP address.

New Settings

  • Single sign-on (SSO) Settings > Restrict single sign-on by IP address
  • Primary Configuration > IP Addresses > Allow Single Sign-on (SSO)

Help Center Documentation

Symphony Updates

  • Allow exported files from Symphony to be GZipped.

Theme Updates

  • When assigning a theme to a Library or Location, Aspen will now provide an initial weight greater than the existing amount of themes to keep it from being the default theme.

Translation Updates

  • When importing translations, Aspen will now encode the terms to ensure compatibility with the database.
  • The prompts for confirming with the user to Freeze Selected or All Holds is now translatable.
  • The prompts for confirming with the user to Thaw Selected or All Holds is now translatable.
  • The prompts for confirming with the user to Cancel Selected or All Holds is now translatable.
  • Prevent imported translations and community translations from sharing the value "null" for translated terms.

VDX Updates

  • Add a class of vdx-request-btn for VDX request buttons so they can be styled with css.

Web Builder Updates

  • Add the ability to create quick polls within Web Builder.

New Settings

  • Web Builder / Quick Polls

New Permissions

  • Administer All Quick Polls
  • Administer Library Quick Polls

Help Center Documentation

Other Updates

  • Show the list of users that can be assigned to a materials request properly when the user's display name has not been set.
  • Do not redirect to an individual record page if the search term starts with id.
  • Fix saving secondary phone number.
  • Added SIP function to handle barcode self-checkout with the ILS.
  • Added API endpoint in the User API to support barcode self-checkout.
  • Fixed an issue where bots were generating errors with old saved searches
  • Fixed an issue where the usage dashboard was incorrectly showing "0" values for sessions started.
  • Allow Solr server to be specified when creating new sites.
  • Fix issue where barcodes with a "+" couldn't check out Overdrive items
  • Install ClamAV by default
  • Fix issue where wrong language shows in More Details for non-English works
  • Fix issue where if includeOutOfSystemExternalLinks is set to true, Libby items sometimes showed the incorrect availability status

Aspen LiDA Updates

  • Added "Forgot Password" to the login screen for libraries who have it enabled.
  • When viewing a user list from a Browse Category show button to delete the item from the list instead of adding.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Notifications onboarding prompt to display too frequently.
  • Added "Forgot Barcode" to the login screen for libraries who have it enabled.
  • When placing a hold that allowed an item-level selection, and "First Available" is selected, it will no longer treat it as an item-level hold.
  • Filtering on My Checkouts and My Holds screens will now filter as expected.
  • If enabled in Discovery users can now self-checkout items in the app.
  • For Koha, the app will now support the hold cancellation workflow.
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from going to the Holds screen after placing a hold.
  • When searching for an item by scanning the barcode, if only 1 result is returned, the app will automatically load that Grouped Work.

Documentation coming soon!

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