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Aspen Discovery 23.06.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 23.06.00 release is now available.

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This release includes code contributions from:

  • ByWater Solutions
  • Theke Solutions
  • Nashville Public Library

Thanks to all of our contributors!!

23.06.00 Release Notes

Book Cover Updates

  • Added additional options when uploading cover images
    • Bib level:
      • Apply to Only This Record
      • AND Apply to Grouped Work (default)
    • Grouped work level upload:
      • Apply to Only Grouped Work
      • Also Apply to All Records with a Default Cover (default)
  • Fixed an issue where clearing uploaded covers on the bib record level wasn't working
  • If uploading a cover for a grouped work with only one record, use that cover image for the individual record as well as the grouped work

See Help Center Documentation Here

Browse Category Updates

  • Added a new permission to allow staff to be assigned to edit specific Browse Category Groups. When this permission is assigned, staff will be able to edit the groups they are assigned to and will have access to add Browse Categories that are shared with their library. When creating new browse categories, staff will be able to update categories that are active in the group they are assigned to, and will only be able to add the new category as a subcategory of an active category in their group(s). If add to homepage is selected during creation, the category will be added to the first group the staff user has access to.
  • Fix updating an existing browse category from search results to make sure users cannot edit categories they should not have permissions to edit.

New Permissions

  • Administer Selected Browse Category Groups - Allows the user to view and edit only the Browse Category Groups they are assigned to.

New Settings

  • Local Catalog Enrichment > Browse Category Groups > Additional Users who can edit this group

See Help Center Documentation Here

ECommerce Updates

  • PayPal Payflow is now a supported vendor.

New Permissions

  • Administer PayPal Payflow - Controls if the user can change PayPal Payflow settings.

New Settings

  • ECommerce > PayPal Payflow

See Help Center Documentation Here

Evergreen Updates

  • When logging in with Evergreen username, store patron barcode within Aspen to allow connections to OverDrive, Hoopla, etc to work.
  • When masquerading ensure password/pin information is not cleared to allow connections to OverDrive, Hoopla, etc to work.

Events Updates

  • Updated search relevancy for event searches to prefer a patron's home location first
  • Events in "Your Events" sort by most recent for the "past" and "all" view
  • Show "Add To Events" buttons for events on lists
  • Added a table located in event settings to map location names in Aspen to location names in event integrations
  • Search errors for event searches now show solr information
  • Fix white space issues for Library Market event pages

New Settings

  • Events > (Settings for your provider) > Location Mapping

See Help Center Documentation Here

Grouped Work Updates

  • Added option to display the bookcovers for editions after opening "Show Editions".
  • For better performance, the Show Editions button will now fetch data on demand instead of at the time of search.

New Settings

  • Catalog / Grouped Works > Grouped Work Display > Search Results > Show Covers for Editions

See Help Center Documentation Here

Hoopla Updates

  • Ensure Hoopla titles are not tagged as adult if the audience is found using genres.

Indexing Updates

  • Correct Owning Library facet to ensure only library names are included (rather than branch names) when not restricting owning libraries to the active library.

Sierra Updates

  • Check Sierra database for bibs that have been deleted which are otherwise skipped as part of API updates.
  • Allow Sierra MatType to be used as part of format determination when bib level format determination is used.
  • Updates for exporting item URL from Sierra.

New Settings

  • ILS > Indexing Profiles > Sierra Settings > Check Sierra Material Type during format determination

See Help Center Documentation Here

Single Sign-on (SSO) Updates

  • Added support for student users for authentication by SAML.
  • Added option to bypass local Aspen login for patron-facing workflows to immediately redirect to SSO portals.
  • Added support for SAML IdP attributes for determining a user type (Staff, Student) that come in as an array.

New Settings

  • Primary Configuration > Single Sign-on (SSO) Settings > Bypass the Aspen Discovery patron login page

Other Updates

  • Update Markdown editors to respect a maximum length and provide feedback on the number of characters that have been entered so far.
  • Correct displaying copies for records that have a parent record.
  • Fix coloring for buttons inside alerts.
  • Fix tabbing order for horizontal carousel Collection Spotlights.
  • If a web resource cannot be opened in a new tab, open in the current tab.
  • When viewing the list of Hidden Browse Categories display the parent category to a sub-category, if available.
  • Fixed a bug when accessing the Show Hidden Browse Categories modal if My Lists or My Saved Searches categories are hidden.
  • Fix saving locations in LiDA Location settings when the user has Administer Aspen LiDA Settings permission.
  • Additional checking when users cannot be inserted into the database due to firstname being blank.
  • Error trapping when checking if reading history should be enabled if a location the user is connected to does not have an associated library.
  • Change the default day that New York Times Lists are updated.
  • Set metadata for the translation term when translating facet values
  • In the Search API searchLite will now return applied filters.
  • For overall better performance, translations will only be updated from the community during off hours instead of on-demand.
  • Uppercase word from OverDrive samples when generating preview buttons.
  • Make Add to List buttons consistently capitalized.
  • Fixes for importing genealogy data.
  • Add tracking of ticket trends.
  • Update usage graph data to be shown in a responsive table.
  • When viewing admin pages in full width mode, make the sidebar smaller.
  • Add ticket trend to partner ticket dashboard
  • The deprecated version of System Messages within Library System settings has been moved into the Basic Display section.
  • Various fixes to tooltips in Library System settings and Theme settings.

Aspen LiDA Updates

  • Fixed a bug when accessing titles from a list of list browse category.
  • Updated the sizing and proportions for cover images to display more of cover.
  • Added padding to messaging on Reading History.
  • Removed the 'X' option to close the library card popup to reduce issues with barcode scanners, users will now have to tap outside of the modal to close.
  • Reduced the overall darkness of the modal background when accessing the library card to reduce issues with barcode scanners.
  • When deleting a list, users will be properly redirected back to My Lists.
  • Fixed a bug where certain screens would allow you to Go Back when not expected.
  • Renewing All now includes linked account titles.
  • Fixed a bug where certain sort methods would remove applied filters.
  • Updated Discovery data fetch points to cache and update in the background to enhance overall performance.
  • Fixed a bug with formats on grouped works when viewing the Recommendations For You browse category.

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