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Aspen Discovery 23.05.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 23.05.00 release is now available.

See Release Summary Here

This release includes code contributions from:

  • ByWater Solutions

Thanks to all of our contributors!!

23.05.00 Release Notes

Account Updates

  • When logging in after resetting PIN/Password from MyAccount/EmailResetPin, redirect user to Account Summary.
  • Enable translations to Koha restricted patron message.

Browse Category Updates

  • If user has "Administer Library Browse Categories" permission, the user will not be able to edit browse categories not shared with everyone or their library when editing browse category groups
  • Fixed some display issues in browse category groups if the user did not have the "Administer All Browse Categories" permission

Collection Spotlight Updates

  • Update so collection spotlights cannot show more than 100 titles at once.

Events Updates


  • "Add To Your Events" button will now display as "In Your Events" if user has event saved
  • If an event requires registration and is saved to a user's events, a "Check Registration" button will appear above a "Go To Your Events" button
  • If an event requires registration and is saved to a user's events, the event listing in their "Your Events" page will have a link to check their registration
  • When adding an event that requires registration, users will be notified that saving an event is not the same as registering and they are being redirected to the registration page
  • Private and canceled events will no longer be indexed for Communico
  • If a user has registered with their barcode for Communico or Springshare LibCal events, the "Check Registration" button will read "You Are Registered"

Evergreen Updates

  • Allow lists to be imported from Evergreen systems.
  • Import Reading History from Evergreen if available.
  • Do not import reading history from Evergreen in Masquerade mode.

Hold Updates

  • When placing volume and item holds, add information to the dropdown that a volume or item needs to be selected, and display an error if nothing is selected.

Hoopla Updates

  • Update determination of audience for Hoopla to check genres before checking ratings for the record and check genres when the record does not have rating information.

Indexing Updates

  • When using "Include Library Records to include" only include rows where the library does not own the material.
  • Correct cases where a title in brackets would show as Title Unknown in search results.

Koha Updates

  • Respect the AllowHoldItemTypeSelection system preference when placing holds to see if item type holds are allowed.

Open Archives Updates

  • Allow last fetched to be set within the admin interface.
  • Update to not load identifiers for all previous records into memory to allow very large (2M+) collections to be indexed.

Sierra Updates

  • Properly delete titles when a 107 response is received from the APIs.
  • Handle invalid MARC subfields of " when parsing JSON. When this case is encountered, mark the record as invalid.

Single Sign-on (SSO) Updates

  • Added option to bypass patron local login screens.
  • LDAP users who will not authenticate by ILS are assigned the "admin_sso" account profile for authenticating with the Aspen database.

New Settings

  • Primary Configuration > Single Sign-on (SSO) > Bypass the Aspen Discovery patron login page

Symphony Updates

  • Load barcode when loading fines from Symphony if available.

Theme Updates

  • Fix a bug that would prevent modals from displaying in the center of the screen when High Contrast was selected.
  • Reduce the 'Explore More' background color to 7% opacity.
  • Add options in Theme to customize Tab colors.

New Settings


  • Theme & Layout > Themes > Tabs

Other Updates

  • Remove additional fields from VDX request when OCLC number does not exist for a record.
  • Remove custom code for determining literary forms for Arlington
  • Correct updating purchase suggestion formats when a format has been used for an existing materials request.
  • To manage Aspen instances more efficiently it's now possible to schedule updates for partners.
  • Fix sorting owning location facet to show the active library / location first.
  • Add ils code to getLibraries and getLocations APIs.
  • From site status page, redirect to events log when errors are encountered

Aspen LiDA Updates

  • On the Checkouts screen, the Renew All button once again has a text label in addition to the icon.
  • Fixed a bug where freezing a hold on Android would display an additional date picker after selecting a date.
  • When prompting the user with a hold confirmation make sure a label is provided for the "by Email" option.
  • Fixed a bug where adjusting Notification preferences caused the app to display a white screen.
  • Users are no longer sometimes presented with two successful hold placed prompts.
  • If displaying barcodes is disabled in Discovery the app will once again instead display the value without the barcode.
  • Materials checked out from Cloud Library are now accessible from the app.

Watch the 23.05.00 Aspen Updates in an Instant Recording

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