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Aspen Discovery 23.03.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 23.03.00 release is now available.

See Release Summary Here

This release includes code contributions from:

  • ByWater Solutions
  • Theke Solutions
  • PTFS Europe

Thanks to all of our contributors!!

23.03.00 Release Notes

Account Profile Updates

  • Account Profiles are now able to be assigned to library systems.
  • Single sign-on is now an option for an authentication method at the Account Profile level.

New Settings

  • Primary Configuration > Account Profiles > Primary Single Sign-on (SSO) Settings

Aspen LiDA Administration Updates

  • Added General Settings for settings that apply to Aspen LiDA on a library-level.
  • Added an option in General Settings to enable automatic rotation to landscape mode when accessing the Library Card screen.
  • Renamed App Settings to Location Settings for settings that apply to Aspen LiDA on a location-level.

    New Settings

  • Aspen LiDA > General Settings
  • Aspen LiDA > General Settings > Automatically rotate the library card screen to landscape

CARL.X Updates

  • Do not include item notes when updating items from CARL.X when using the APIs.

Evergreen Updates

  • Strip out item tags from prior migrations when loading bibs from APIs.

Indexing Updates

  • Trim leading spaces from subject fields.
  • Hide irrelevant fields from Indexing Profile settings based on the Indexing class selected.

Koha Updates

  • Messaging Preferences now have an option to set the preferred language to use when sending out notifications.
  • Normalize smart apostrophe's to regular apostrophe's when updating patron data.
  • Correct changing home library from Contact Information Screen when the review queue is in use.
  • When a bib has more than one item type on it that can be held, place a hold on the specific item type the patron selects.
  • Added support for the pronoun field in the patron record (Koha 22.11 or newer).
  • When checking if a patron can update a pickup location on a hold, Aspen will now look at the system preference 'OPACAllowUserToChangeBranch' (Koha 22.11 or newer).
  • Added support for canceling waiting holds if permitted by the circulation rules (Koha 22.11 or newer).
  • Renamed uses of "renewals" column in issues table to "renewals_count" (Koha 22.11 or newer).
  • Added support for limiting purchase suggestions by pType (Koha 22.11 or newer)

Record Display Updates

  • If a bib record has multiple iTypes (commonly occurs when reference items are on a bib), split the items up by format and display them separately
  • Updated the view on the bib record page: if there are various formats, a grouped manifestation of each format will show instead of just a hold button
  • On the bib record page, the various formats will display as a comma separated list where record details are displayed
  • Only formats that allow holds will display the hold button
  • When placing a hold, the hold will follow the rules of the holdable format if there are multiple formats
  • If the holdable format allows an item level hold, patrons will only be able to select items of the holdable format
  • In the copies panel, all items on the bib record will show, not just the holdable copies

Materials Request Updates

  • Libraries can now receive an email when a Materials Request has been submitted.
  • Libraries can now send email to staff when they have been assigned a Materials Request. Staff can opt out of receiving emails for newly assigned Materials Requests.
  • Fixed a bug that kept Materials Request Management options from displaying in Staff Settings when users had correct permissions.

New Settings

  • Primary Configuration > Library Systems > Materials Request > Send email to library when Materials Requests are created
  • Primary Configuration > Library Systems > Materials Request > Email to receive notifications for new Materials Requests
  • Primary Configuration > Library Systems > Materials Request > Send email to staff when they are assigned a Materials Request
  • My Account > Account Settings > Staff Settings > Receive an email when a Materials Request is assigned to me

Novelist Updates

  • Allow Novelist to be applied to specific libraries and allow multiple profiles to be added to one instance.

Sierra / Millennium Updates

  • Separate login for Aspen from login from WebPac within the Account Profile. Add a new login type of Last Name, Barcode, PIN for Sierra & Millennium sites.

SSO Setting Updates

  • SSO Settings in Library Systems have been removed to create a single source of single sign-on configuration under Primary Configuration.
  • For oAuth, added the option to provide fallback values when data mapping.
  • Added an option to authenticate only with the single sign-on provider for cases when user accounts are not needed in the ILS.

New Settings

  • Primary Configuration > Single Sign-on (SSO) Settings > Only authenticate users with single sign-on

Symphony Updates

  • Allow item sublocation to be used when determining display location for copies.

Other Updates

  • Added the option for users to ask that the library notifies someone of their donation that is in honor or memory of someone.
  • Added paging to Titles You've Rated page to fix possible issues when users have rated large numbers of titles.
  • Titles marked as "Not Interested In" have been moved to a separate page in My Account > Recommended For You > Not Interested In Titles.
  • Donations Report can now be filtered by the library the donation was to or earmark.
  • Added the payment transaction date to the Donations Report.
  • In User API, getPatronProfile will now return if the user should be prompted for hold notification preferences, as well as the template information for the prompt (Evergreen).
  • Collection Spotlight containers are now named based on their unique ID instead of name to fix some issues when having multiple spotlight tabs with the same name.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent referencing OverDrive covers in a Grouped Work due to size of the string.
  • In User API, getPatronProfile will always load in the latest ILS Account Summary regardless of the reload parameter.
  • Allow series display order to have decimal portions when setting display info.
  • Correct layout of Last Checkout Date
  • Update loading format when exporting search results to CSV and improve memory management.
  • Make URL required for Web Resources and properly handle the maximum length of the teaser.
  • Updates for modal display to not show login screen again when the ILS is slow placing holds.
  • In the System API, added getTranslationWithValues method to handle translations that have replacement values.
  • Added additional styling for focus events on the main search bar inputs.
  • Fixed a bug that would load in all browse categories if an assigned Browse Category Group was empty.
  • If a Grouped Work has a custom uploaded cover, you can now properly reset it or update the cover.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented bookcover_info from updating properly in some cases.
  • Correct loading default owning record information when loading from Koha, Polaris, and Evergreen.
  • Start work on a new installer for centos 9
  • Handle additional spam traffic.
  • Display date frozen holds will reactivate with international formatting.
  • Update to handle sitemap when status check when there are no titles in the index yet.
  • When grouped work ids change, make sure uploaded covers are moved to the new id.

Aspen LiDA Updates

  • Fixed a bug when selecting a library at login where in certain cases users would need to "double tap" to select a library.
  • Color mode will now be persistent and remember if the user set dark or light mode between different sessions.
  • For the Editions screen, "Where is it?" will now have its own line to prevent possible overlap with Place Hold button when the status is lengthy.
  • Increased the icon sizes for certain back and close buttons, as well as their hit slop values so that they have a larger interaction area.
  • When a user starts a new search the previous options set (facets, filters, sort) will be forgotten.
  • Added support for handling HTML entities and special characters formatting on the Grouped Work screen.
  • When loading directions to a library using Apple Maps, it will no longer start you in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Fixed a bug where in certain cases holds were not sorting as expected.
  • When reloading holds or checkouts using the "Refresh" button, it will now update the profile data in the Account Drawer as well.
  • On the Grouped Work screen, the formats are now again listed in the same order as Discovery.
  • On the Grouped Work screen, cover images that do not fill the space will no longer have a stretched background.
  • On the Search Results screen, the formats for a grouped work are listed in the same order as Discovery.

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