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Aspen Discovery 23.02.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 23.02.00 release is now available.

See Release Summary Here

This release includes code contributions from:

  • ByWater Solutions
  • Equinox Open Library Initiative
  • Nashville Public Library

Thanks to all of our contributors!!

23.02.00 Release Notes

Account Integration

  • Add new settings within library settings to control whether the patron should be opted in or out of reading history in the ILS when the opt in/out in Aspen.
  • Disable hold button while Aspen is processing placing the hold
  • Update "Place Hold" button to "On Hold For %1%" after a hold is successfully placed
  • Add confirmation modal for placing duplicate holds
  • Allow reading history to be disabled by Patron Type.
  • Hide areas of Linked Accounts page if patron does not have needed permissions to take those actions

    New Settings

  • Primary Configuration > Library Systems > ILS / Account Integration > Opting in to Reading History Updates ILS settings
  • Primary Configuration > Library Systems > ILS / Account Integration > Opting out of Reading History Updates ILS settings
  • Primary Configuration > Library Systems > ILS / Account Integration > Opting in to Reading History Updates ILS settings

Account Linking Updates

  • Allow administrators to prevent users from removing linked accounts by patron type.

Axis360 Integration

  • Ensure titles are properly deleted when they are no longer marked active within Axis 360.
  • When checking availability in Axis 360, retry the API call if it fails to account for server issues.

cloudLibrary Integration

  • Return a 401 error with an appropriate page if a user is not logged in while attempting to view a cloudLibrary title.
  • Properly handle spaces within barcodes for cloudLibrary.

Evergreen Updates

  • Allow libraries to define how organizational units are defined when loading organizational units from Evergreen.
  • Record payments made in Aspen Discovery within Evergreen.

Evolve Updates

  • Protect against null barcodes and locations when updating items.

Indexing Updates

  • If the 250a contains "Wii U" or "WiiU", the format will be "Nintendo Wii U"
  • If the bib info contains indicators for "Kit" or "Book Club Kit", the format will be "Book Club Kit"
  • When loading format from the 300 field, do not mark the title as a SoundDisc if the 300a is CD-ROM.
  • Optimize loading authoritative author
  • Optimize saving call numbers

Koha Updates

  • When opting in and out of reading history add functionality to opt in and out within Koha as well as Aspen.
  • Update for Koha 22.11 to correct loading renewals for checkouts.

Open Archives Updates

  • Update to better handle OAI-PMH data that has been GZipped.
  • Update error messaging as part of site status checks.

OverDrive Updates

  • Update publication date parsing to handle new unexpected formats.

Polaris Updates

  • Additional error trapping for Polaris connections

Sierra Updates

  • Additional error handling when the Sierra APIs cannot return a valid MARC record for an existing bib record.
  • Correct caching INN-Reach checkouts.
  • When loading titles from the Sierra API, delete the record if a response code of 107 is returned.

SSO Updates

  • Added options for customizing the card number and username when creating new accounts.
  • Added options for creating staff accounts when also allowing patrons to use single-sign on.
  • The login button for SAML is now customizable.
  • When allowing a single sign-on service for staff only, it will now hide the login option from the patron login and create a Staff Login link in the footer.
  • Added the ability to bypass the Aspen Discovery login page when using the Staff Login link in the footer.

Symphony Updates

  • When changing preferred name for a patron, set the use preferred name checkbox within Symphony. This can be controlled with a new setting in Library Settings.

Web Builder Updates

  • When accessing pages that need login before viewing the content, make sure the user views the correct content after login.
  • Update error messaging as part of site status checks.

VDX Updates

  • When placing VDX holds, return an error if the VDX Client Category is not set for a patron's PType.
  • Check for error code 447 when placing the hold in Symphony and redirect to VDX when that occurs.
  • Correct logging in from the New VDX request page.
  • Updates for placing VDX requests from the blank request form.

Other Updates

  • Fix sorting by title for searching websites, lists, and events
  • Fixed a bug in Greenhouse API that would return a partial URL when fetching a theme favicon or logo.
  • Correct error changing location on the hours and locations form when the hours and locations form is embedded in a web builder page.
  • Fix displaying new stats on the Usage Graphs
  • Correct permission for selecting which cover is used within a grouped work.
  • Updates for merging duplicate barcodes to improve performance and handle timeouts when there are large numbers of duplicates.
  • Remove ProPay as an eCommerce option.
  • Fix showing staff view for eContent stored within the ILS.
  • Updates for display label for record variations to avoid translating blank eContent Sources.
  • Updates for setting a default indexing profile.
  • Fix directories for installing SimpleSAML for CentOS
  • Remove user caching add additional checks when loading users
  • Updates to Debian installer
  • Don't update unused directories in fix sideload permissions

Aspen LiDA Updates

  • Holds can be filtered, sorted, and are now separated into pending and ready for pickup.
  • Axis 360 checkouts can now be returned early from the Checkouts screen.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Reading History to load on Android devices.
  • If a patron logs in with an expired pin, they will now be prompted to reset it
  • Fixed some bugs that prevented VDX requests from being created when using the app.

Watch the 23.02.00 Aspen Updates in an Instant Recording

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