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Aspen Discovery 23.01.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 23.01.00 release is now available.

See Release Summary Here

This release includes code contributions from:

    • ByWater Solutions

    • Mike Grgurev - MAIN Library Alliance

    • James Staub - Nashville Public Library

    • Equinox Open Library Initiative

Thanks to all of our contributors!!

23.01.00 Release Notes

Account Integration Updates

  • Fixed an issue placing holds on multi-edition items that are checked out or in transit

Account Linking Updates

  • Add message under "Your Account" on /MyAccount/Home that shows accounts that have linked to the user
  • Added ability to assign account linking settings by patron type, individual and bulk updates of this setting will relay messaging to admin notifying them of what these changes will do

Aspen LiDA Updates

  • LiDA Notifications module has been moved from Local Catalog Enrichment to Aspen LiDA admin section.
  • Added "Account Alerts" as a Notification Type to Aspen LiDA Notification Settings.

Browse Category Updates

  • When adding a browse category, Aspen will remember if the user last added one to the home page or not and will check/uncheck the "Add to Home Page" box accordingly
  • When adding a browse category, categories listed in the "Add as a Sub-Category to" dropdown will include the category's id number to the right of the name

eCommerce Updates

  • Added InvoiceCloud as a vendor for handling user payments.

New Settings

  • eCommerce > InvoiceCloud

Indexing & Grouping Updates

  • When grouping include the 245f as part of the title that is grouped.
  • When grouping if there are multiple instances of a subfield fmnops of the 245 are found, use all of them in the order they are in the field during grouping.
  • Records Owned and Records To Include data will all be held in the Records To Include table - To mark a scope as owned, check the box under "Owned?" in Records To Include
  • If a MARC Record is defined as audio/music in the leader. Properly handle literary forms of Not Coded when determining Literary Form.
  • Add an index to record_parents to improve index performance

Koha Updates

  • Make messages returned from Koha when submitting a materials request translatable.
  • When submitting a materials request, ensure the copyright date (if provided) is numeric.
  • Fix error updating Home Location for Koha

Novelist Updates

  • For those with Novelist: when updating grouped work display info for series/volume, use the updated info instead of Novelist data
  • Add a Novelist test page to test what information we get from Novelist for specific ISBNs

Sierra Updates

  • Fixed an issue where patron names were displaying incorrectly for Sierra libraries
  • Fix display issues for showing check in grid and individual issues for periodicals.

Symphony Updates

  • When opting in or out of Reading History in Aspen, also opt in or out of Reading History in Symphony.
  • Updates for importing lists from Enterprise post migration.

VDX Updates

  • Fixes for showing blank VDX Form.

WebBuilder Updates

  • Fix uploading PDFs to properly generate thumbnail and not generate a runtime error.
  • Fix viewing thumbnail for uploaded pdfs.

Website Indexing

  • Added functionality to index sitemaps
  • Add a new column for pages that had errors indexing rather than recording them as errors.
  • Fix errors indexing if a page still exists which was connected to a deleted library.


  • Properly format introductory text for custom forms when sending the introductory text in emails.
  • Correct showing message to patron after they update showing their preferences
  • When enabling search tools, "Show at Top of Page" option will show, if search tools are disabled this option will not display
  • Show Admin screen content full width rather than fixed width.
  • Fix error showing home library within eCommerce report if a donation was made by a patron without logging in.
  • When showing a borrower review to the user who created it show a delete button so they can remove it.
  • Fix showing different library hours and locations while on the Select Interface page.
  • Fixes for Exporting and Importing uploaded covers within Greenhouse.
  • Hide previously entered EBSCO EDS passwords.
  • Remove the need to define ils within config file.
  • Update to PHP 8
  • Update to Smarty 4.3.
  • Export to CSV instead of exporting to Excel (PHP 8 does not support PHPExcel)
  • Update nightly database dump to handle additional server configurations.
  • Optimize some select queries where only specific columns are needed.
  • Fix possible error message when bulk updating Sideloads when no values change.
  • Fixes for administrative patron blocks.
  • Updates to install scripts to improve documentation
  • Increase the maximum available patron type length.
  • Allow exporting and importing side loaded MARC Records for migrations.
  • When saving roles, indicate when a role has been defined by PType.
  • When saving roles, check for existing values rather than rebuilding the links from scratch.
  • Add a log of all database changes made within the greenhouse.
  • Add additional filtering to Aspen site status dashboard.
  • Allow Tasks to be easily created from Tickets.
  • Add reports for tickets by partner and tickets by component
  • Add report for bugs by severity
  • Add Partner Ticket dashboard
  • Add Partner Priorities Report
  • Remove workspace.xml files from git

Aspen LiDA Updates

    • Linked account barcodes have been added to the Card screen.
    • To handle changes with hidden/shown browse categories in Aspen Discovery, the Manage Browse Category screen in Aspen LiDA will update more frequently.
    • Reading History has been added into Aspen LiDA, accessible from the Account drawer.
    • If a hold is in "Position: 0" it will present a useful status like "In Transit" and hide the position rank.
    • When accessing the Card screen, the screen will update to full brightness and return to the previous setting after moving to a different screen.
    • Changed how the notification toggles in Notification Settings are handled to have more consistent results.
    • Grouped Work screen was redesigned to handle large amounts of data in a more performant way resulting in a single action button per variation.
    • Statuses on the Grouped Work screen will now match more closely to Aspen Discovery.
    • Added paging and sorting to user lists.
    • If a hold status is available for an item it will display.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause linked accounts to not display.
    • All expected copies will now display in the "Where is it?" modal.
    • Users will now receive a notification when someone has linked to their account.
    • Added the number of linked and linkee accounts for the user to the Account drawer.
    • Users can now remove an account that has linked to them from the Linked Accounts screen.
    • To increase performance search results now have paging options at the bottom instead of infinite scroll.
    • After a new list is created, you'll now find it as an available list to add titles to in a timely manner.
    • Browse Categories based off lists of lists will return expected results again.
    • Loading All Categories from Discovery screen will be presented when all categories are not yet loaded.

Watch the 23.01.00 Aspen Updates in an Instant Recording

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