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Aspen Discovery 22.07.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 22.07.00 release is now available.

See the Release Summary here.

We received so much positive feedback and excitement around our announcement to support EBSCOhost last month that for this release we added even more customization options to that integration. In addition, we released dozens of other enhancements to Aspen Discovery and LiDA!" - Jordan Fields, Aspen Product Librarian

22.07.00 Release Notes

Browse Category Updates

  • Fixed an issue preventing users from making star ratings in browse categories with the "Show rating stars and enable user ratings by clicking the stars" Ratings Mode option set.
  • Show title in tabbed collection spotlights.
  • Set image size for browse categories to medium or large.
  • Set layout of browse category covers to grid or masonry layout

CloudLibrary Updates

  • Fix including only children's materials if scope is set to include Children's materials only

Evolve Integrations

  • Setup new project and modules for Evolve integration.
  • Process full marc export from Evolve.

Hoopla Updates

  • Update NRC titles to have an audience of Children and NRT titles to have an audience of Young Adult.
  • When determining audience for Hoopla titles by genre, mark anything with a genre starting with Young Adult as Young Adult.
  • Add a buffer of 2 minutes when checking for changed records.
  • Updates when trying to display invalid Hoopla records.

OverDrive Updates

  • Update indexing to look for new titles that have been recently added.

Polaris Updates

  • Increase maximum memory to enable loading very large reading histories.

Search and Indexing Updates

  • Define custom MARC 0XX and 9XX fields to be included in the keyword index.
  • Display Closed Captioning information when indicated based on MARC 650 and 655 fields containing "video recordings for the hearing impaired"
  • When indexing records for display in a location scope, properly handle the Base Availability Toggle on Local Holdings Only setting for the Location.
  • Automatically add sub locations to location when determining full location within Aspen for Sierra and Evergreen.
  • Ensure that quoted searches do not do stemming for titles where the author or title start with the term.
  • Correct format determination for Xbox Series X games.
  • If no audiences are found when determining audience based on item data, determine the audience based on bib data.
  • Handle cases when the 008 language field is set to a blank string.
  • Automatically restart indexers between midnight and 1 am if they have been running for more than 15 hours.
  • Automatically restart indexers when low memory is detected

Other Updates

  • When deleting sideload scopes, remove connections to libraries/locations.
  • Update to not set last seen date within Koha while updating reading history.
  • Web Builder pages now allow for multiple forms with Google Recaptcha on a single page.
  • Remove duplicate, empty, My Favorites lists
  • Using the List API to update the public/private status of a list will now correctly update.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented updating a custom grouped work cover after uploading one.
  • When sorting editions, correct sorting by hold ratio.
  • Hide LibCal staff view unless user has Admin permissions for LibCal.
  • Fix showing full record pages for sideloads with apostrophes in the name.
  • Show title in tabbed collection spotlights.
  • When renewing selected titles or all titles, ensure the page refreshes properly if one or more titles renew successfully.
  • Correct display of solr data within staff view for grouped works.
  • When editing a web builder page with an embedded form, do not show the fields of the form.
  • Correct adding new Patron Types & fix setting 2 factor authentication from the PType form.
  • Update HTML id of the admin home menu option to admin-home-button.
  • Tracking of memory usage, cpu, and other server stats in the greenhouse.
  • Remove the setting "Show Detailed Hold Notice Information" and "Treat Print Notices as Phone Notices"
  • When deleting lists, clean up any list entries that were part of the list.

Aspen LiDA Release Notes

  • In effort to reduce render time, a limited number of browse categories will initialize for users with the option to load them all later
  • Fixed an issue for Android users that would prevent them from using the device's "back" button.
  • Users now have the option to manage multiple holds at once (freeze/thaw, cancel).
  • Freezing holds now has a calendar picker for selecting a reactivation date.

Watch the 22.07.00 Aspen Updates in an Instant Recording

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