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Aspen Discovery 22.06.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 22.06.00 release is now available.

See the Release Summary here.

Based on community feedback, Aspen now has much more elegant support for languages and grouped works, greatly improving how patrons search for titles and formats in a specific language and how librarians build language-specific lists, browse categories, and showcases. We’re also now providing integration with EBSCOhost through our Articles and Databases search. Thanks to all of the Aspen partners for the conversations and feedback around these updates and please check out the release notes to see all of the exciting features for Aspen and LiDA this month!" - Jordan Fields, Aspen Product Librarian

22.06.00 Release Notes

Axis360 Updates

  • Properly handle error code 3103 when loading titles by deleting availability for the title.

EBSCOhost Integration

  • Add a new module and settings to enable EBSCOhost integration.
  • When EBSCOhost searching is enabled, display Articles & Databases as a search source.
  • Automatically show available databases and allow users to select which databases should be searched.

New York Times Lists Updates

  • When deleting a New York Times list, properly flag it as such.
  • Increased the amount of sleep between calls when updating New York Times to prevent hitting rate quota limit.
  • Aspen will only handle lists that New York Times have updated within the last year.

Polaris Updates

  • Display ILL Requests for a patron.
  • Allow patrons to cancel ILL Requests (required Polaris 7.0 or later).
  • Use the API to determine if a title cannot be renewed within checkouts, previously was only checking if the renewal limit had been reached.

Search and Indexing Updates

  • Correct facet counts when selecting combinations of Format Category, Format, Availability, and Availability Toggle facets.
  • Always show facets when applied even if there are no results.
  • Separate Grouped Works based on language.
  • When extracting changed records, always reindex the record even if checksum and length does not change (Koha, Evergreen, Polaris).
  • Allow regrouping all records during the nightly index.
  • More efficient lookup of fields by tag within a MARC record.
  • Update most scoped fields to use facet prefix rather than using dynamic fields.
  • Add a new Grouped Work Core to allow switching between new and old indexing methods.
  • Make processing works that have been scheduled for reindexing more efficient if a work has been scheduled multiple times.
  • When performing a full index, do not process grouped works that do not have records attached to them.

Sierra Updates

  • When validating patron accounts, do not make the barcodes case sensitive.

Other Updates

  • If no author is assigned, remove the word by within the alt text on the browse category page.
  • Allow the use of a + symbol in SMS phone numbers.
  • When logging in to access a restricted page, redirect the patron back to that page.
  • Add additional properties into getListTitles in the List API.
  • Check for OverDrive error message if a library doesn't own CPC for a title and allow them to place a hold instead.
  • Updated label for General Email Address in Library System settings to clarify its usage for Aspen LiDA.
  • Close empty tab if web resource is set to open in same window.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the login screen from closing correctly when accessing a web resource required logging in.
  • Correct duplicated error message if OverDrive is not setup and the patron tries to checkout a title.
  • Fixed Sort By options in Reading History to be translatable.
  • Remove unneeded caching.
  • Additional sanitization of search terms to remove HTML.
  • If User information cannot be decrypted while indexing a list, delete the list from the search index.
  • Make module settings read only other than if the module is enabled or not.
  • Add additional notes that PayPal sandbox mode should be used for testing only.
  • Add additional instructions for website indexing paths to exclude.

Aspen LiDA Release Notes

  • Patrons can now place volume level holds on Aspen LiDA.
  • When searching in Aspen LiDA, patrons will now see the language listed for the record.
  • Minor fixes for supporting library branded Aspen LiDA when logging in.

Watch the 22.06 Aspen Updates in an Instant Recording

Watch a short highlight video of the some of the new features available in 22.06.00

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