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Aspen Discovery 22.05.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 22.04.01 and the 22.05.00 releases are now available.

See the Release Summary here.

With the 22.05 release you can now fully manage your linked accounts right from the LiDA app! For our libraries who love to use Aspen to index local website content there are even more options to help patrons find the content they need!"

22.04.01 Release Notes

General Updates

  • Allow login to be disabled for patrons of a particular library.

Evergreen Updates

  • When placing a hold prompt the patron for the types notifications they want (email, phone, and/or sms).
  • Correct showing that holds in transit and holds that are ready for pickup.
  • Correct deleting records that no longer exist within the ids file.
  • Correctly set hold cancellation date Fix parsing of MARC records where the leaders end with a blank space.
  • Load IDL for Evergreen objects dynamically.
  • Performance improvements when processing list of items that have been edited.

Koha Updates

  • Material requests will now use the Purchase Request API for libraries using Koha 21.05 or later.
  • Check for cases where the unique username has changed within the database post migration.
  • When Masquerading, check for cases when the unique username has changed within the database post migration.

Sierra Updates

  • Updates for loading Reading History for titles that no longer exist in Sierra.

Other Updates

  • Fix incorrect variable name within javascript that prevented login in some cases.
  • When backing up the database, export tables as one table per file.
  • Allow importing backup from command line.
  • Updates for exporting and importing data from Aspen for migrations.
  • Fixes Fine API MSB Confirmation response. Fixes circulation reports Print Pages in Chrome

22.05.00 Release Notes

General Display Updates

  • Add a new block of Footer Text within Library Settings that is displayed within the footer.
    New Settings
    • Library Settings > Basic Display > Footer Text

Hold Updates

  • When placing a hold on non-fiction works ensure the id is treated properly when the user selects "No, place a hold on this edition"

Indexing Updates

  • When checking to see if a title is a CD based on physical description, make sure it is not a CD player.

Koha Updates

  • Add a 1 minute buffer when loading records from Koha to account for server differences.

Open Archives Updates

  • Updates for handling collections that have been deleted within the indexer.
  • Correct deleting open archives collections.

PayPal Updates

  • If the ILS cannot be updated after payment, add a message to the eCommerce report and optionally email the error email within the PayPal settings to let an administrator know to update the ILS.
    New Settings
    • eCommerce Settings > PayPal Settings > Error Email

Polaris Updates

  • Fix self registration from when Prompt for Birthdate is on.

Sierra Updates

  • Correct the display of title and author for holds and checkouts of ILL materials in Sierra.
  • Do not import titles multiple times and allow large lists to be imported when importing lists from Sierra.

User List Updates

  • Correct deleting selected lists.

Web Builder & Website Search Updates

  • Add new facets within Website Searching for the Site Name and Website Type.
  • Fix searching web pages when at a branch to show the same results when searching by library.
  • Custom Pages in Web Builder are now indexed for display within search results.
  • Fix filtering indexed web pages by URL within the administration page.
  • Ensure that deleted resources and pages are properly removed from the search index.
  • Add a crawl delay when indexing websites with a default of 10 seconds between requests.
  • Ensure that pages are cleaned up after Website Settings are deleted.
  • Prevent modification of deleted field for website pages that were found during indexing to avoid confusion.
  • Use the main section of a webpage as the search description if found.
  • Use a new parser when parsing web pages to better handle poorly formatted pages.

Other Updates

  • Update so only users with "Administer All Locations" permissions can add or delete locations.
  • If a web resource is configured to Open in New Tab, it should no longer trigger browser pop-up blockers.
  • Disable caching of admin and account pages.
  • Refactor masquerade code to use APIs for future use in apps.

Aspen LiDA Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where the list of user lists wasn't updating properly after switching users.
  • Tapping on an item in the list will once again navigate to the item details screen.
  • Browse categories will now properly hide or show as they are updated.
  • Patrons can now manage holds and checkouts from linked accounts.
  • Patrons can now place holds and checkout eContent for linked accounts.
  • Patrons can now place ILS holds for linked accounts.
  • Updated how browse categories are loaded in to increase performance.

Watch the 22.05 Aspen Updates in an Instant Recording

Watch a short highlight video of the some of the new features available in 22.05.00

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