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Aspen Discovery 21.07.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 21.07.00 release is now available. See the Release Summary here.

Mark Noble, Aspen Discovery Developer, recently commented on the release:

We love working with our partners to continually enhance Aspen Discovery. Our libraries are our best source of inspiration!”

API Updates

  • Add a method to the User API to get valid pickup locations for a user.
  • Add a method to the User API to get the preferred pickup location for a user.
  • Add a new System API to return information about an Aspen installation.
  • Add a method to the System API to get a list of all libraries for the Aspen installation.
  • Add a method to the System API to get information about a particular library including name, URL, logo, and colors.
  • Add a method to the System API to get information about a particular location including name, phone number, email, address, etc.

Axis360 Updates

  • Correct the display of eAudiobooks that are checked out or on hold to show the correct format.
  • Allow running multiple Axis 360 exports in parallel.

Browse Category Updates

  • Browse categories based on lists will now respect the source list sorting method
  • Added start and end dates for displaying Browse Categories
  • 'Add Browse Category' in Search Tools now allows you to update an existing Browse Category or create a new one as before
  • Updated Browse Category filtering to no longer split on commas/semi-colons
  • Fixed an issue that caused browse categories filtering on objects with commas or semi-colons to break.
  • When managing browse categories, users will now see only those that they have permissions to edit

Cloud Library Updates

  • Allow libraries and locations to have access to multiple settings so da library can have both a local and consortial collection.
  • Allow running of multiple Cloud Library exports in parallel.

Enrichment Updates

Make the More Like This scroller display using the full width of the screen.

Make the Series scroller display using the full width of the screen.

Add the ability to display Syndetics Unbound content within Aspen Discovery.

Koha Integration Updates

  • Add the display of item due dates within the list of copies for a record (Koha only).
  • Add the display of item notes within the list of copies for a record (Koha only).
  • If item can't be placed on hold, the patron will receive the error that Koha is sending back.

Permissions Updates

  • Define field level permissions for library and location settings to allow finer grained control over Aspen settings within consortia and larger libraries.
  • Correct Administer Home Library Locations to correctly allow the user to see all locations for a library.
  • Add a new permission for Uploading List Covers that is independent from Uploading Covers for grouped works.

Polaris Updates

  • Update the determination of availability to use Grouped Work Status of On Shelf for which titles are available.
  • Extract Collection Name rather than Collection ID for Polaris items.
  • Utilize First Available Date for determining when records were first added to the catalog.
  • Allow a full extract of records from Polaris to resume in case of error.
  • Do not show both collection and sublocation in item shelf location display if collection and sublocation are the same.
  • Allow Workstation ID to be set per library so each member of a consortium can track stats independently.

Recommendation Updates

  • Do not recommend titles that a patron has on hold.
  • When a patron selects "Don't Recommend" for a title within their list of recommendations, hide that title immediately when recommendations are refreshed.

Other Updates

Display when a patron last checked out a title within search results if they are logged in.

    • Force session to be regenerated when a user selects Log Me Out after requesting a hold.
    • Allow Amazon SES to be used instead of SendGrid.
    • Add display of local_days_since_added to grouped work staff view.
    • When indexing web builder content, properly handle subdomains that are not lower case in the database.
    • Update parsing of queries for search fields.
    • Added in additional terms/phrases to be translatable
    • When clicking on calendar results, the link will now open in a new tab
    • Added ability to upload SVG files for theme logo
    • Add new migration scripts to speed up updates to Aspen when libraries change ILS.
    • Updated Record grouping to better handle normalization of titles with common subtitles like a novel or by author name.
    • Bold volume information within series statements.
    • Correct start of title search.
    • Checkboxes in custom forms marked as required, will properly be assigned the required attribute.
    • Added background color to "Explore More" defined by the Primary Background Color at 10% opacity
    • Added padding between the main content and header/footer
    • Suppress all eContent that is stored in the ILS for which APIs are available to ensure we have the best data available.
    • Fix breadcrumb for My Requests.
    • If Home Link layout setting is set, but the value is 'default', the value '/' will properly be assigned.
    • Update Accelerated Reader tolerance for updating so that the update will always occur on the same date.
    • Fixed TikTok contact link to properly save
    • Properly handle cases where a user's password has not been set yet when updating reading history in the background.
    • Update format determination for Atlases to mark them as Atlases in more cases.
    • Additional updates to ensure that truncated full MARC exports are not processed.
    • Error handling for cases where item information is incomplete.
    • Make it easier to load database updates per version.
    • Add additional error handling to help determine which line caused an error.
    • Remove unused configuration of Loan Rules and Loan Rule Determiners for Sierra.
    • Allow hours for a location to be defined in increments of 15 minutes.
    • When editing Collection Spotlights from Search Tools, it's now possible to overwrite an existing list.
    • Stored Passwords will be shown as blank fields rather than fields with dots in them when they are edited.
    • Create a default indexer for Sierra systems so that custom coding is not needed for each installation.
    • Use SSL for Novelist connection.
    • Properly display web resources before they have been indexed by the system.
    • List sorting by title is now handled within the database, resulting in faster sorting.
    • Drag-and-drop custom list sorting has been removed, and instead uses up/down arrows.
    • Fixed list item rearrangement via edit popup modal so now surrounding entries on the list are moved appropriately.

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