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Aspen Discovery 21.05.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 21.05.00 release is now available. See the Release Summary here.

Mark Noble, Aspen Discovery Developer, recently commented on the release:

In version 21.05 we’re pleased to have completed our integration with Symphony and to have support for all core discovery functionality for Polaris customers. We’re excited to be able to offer enhanced discovery capabilities to more libraries with these integrations.”

Cover Updates

  • List covers should properly regenerate when their contents have been updated
  • Add the ability to select a related record cover for a grouped work cover
  • Add the ability to upload a cover to a grouped work directly from a URL.
  • Add the ability to upload a cover to a list

Polaris Integration Updates

  • Place Holds, Cancel Holds, Freeze & Thaw Holds, Change Hold Pickup Location.
  • Renew Checked Out Titles (individual or all).
  • Load Fines.
  • Continuous indexing of changes from Polaris for realtime updates.

Symphony Integration Updates

  • Properly handle records with a very large number of items attached to them. Symphony splits these on export and Aspen recombines them properly to generate the full record.
  • Correct determining status based on shelf location rather when item status is not provided.
  • Allow patrons to set their SMS Messaging preferences within Aspen.

User List Updates

  • Custom sort list items now have a handle for drag-and-drop sorting while allowing highlighting text in the list entry to remain possible
  • Added ability to delete multiple items in a list at once.
  • Added ability to delete all items in a list at once.
  • Added ability to copy list items to another list with the Edit modal.
  • Added ability to move list items to another list with the Edit modal.
  • Added ability to manually enter in custom sort list position with the Edit modal.
  • Added ability to delete multiple lists at once.

WebBuilder Updates

  • When editing a page with an embedded custom form, required fields are no longer required
  • Added ability to make rows and cells to display as collapsing/accordion boxes
  • Update website indexing to properly handle scopes with dashes in them.
  • Update website indexing to properly handle indexing multiple sites, pages, and resources.
  • Properly restrict Web Builder functionality for staff that have the ability to manage content for their library, but not others in the consortium.
  • Correctly hide web resources that are only available to specific libraries within a consortium within the resources list
  • Added iFrame as a source type for cells on custom pages.
  • Generate a default cover for Web Resources that do not have a logo uploaded for them.

Other Updates

  • When indexing from CARL.X add additional retries if a 500 error is encountered while loading from GetMARCRecordsRequest. If three consecutive errors are encountered, log the error and do not process deletions.
  • Logging in will now redirect the user back to the page they came from, unless they were on the homepage or WebBuilder basic or custom page.
  • When adding records to the Added In The Last facet, include records that have a status of Coming Soon in the On Order section of the facet.
  • Fix permissions while in Masquerade Mode to use an intersection of the permissions rather than roles and properly handle permissions that allow Administration of all objects vs. permissions that allow administration of library objects.
  • Update Reading History to allow check in dates prior to 1970.
  • Update Cloud Library Processing to properly process titles that have availability in multiple collections and cleanup availability stored with a null setting id.
  • Fix creating sitemaps for subdomains with special characters.
  • Update default Browse Category "Share With" to My Home Library.
  • Add Enum/Chron (volume information) to the end of item based call numbers when provided in MARC records.
  • Fix loading shelving locations from Koha into the translation map when the shelving location field is not set to c.
  • Fix changing between user display name types to properly reset the display names for patrons.
  • Update to allow subfield n to be included within the series name for MARC 830 fields, and update series searches for quoted searches to include additional fields.
  • When indexing records for Koha add additional checks to see if the title has been deleted and if so ensure it is removed from the index.
  • Fixes for available hold delays with caching.
  • Make view in Native OPAC and View in Staff Client links in staff view open records in a new tab.
  • Fixed an issue with class spacing that prevented View All Formats from working properly.
  • When indexing records from a full MARC export, add additional validation logic to ensure the file is not truncated.
  • Update permissions on deploy to ensure sitemaps are created properly.
  • When showing status values within the Indexing Profile, sort values by the name.
  • Fix default permissions for the sites configuration folder.
  • Track the index of the last change indexed from Koha so that indexing operations that are interrupted can be resumed.
  • Add a counter that can be incremented to force CSS and JavaScript Browser Caches to be cleared for libraries that receive early access to a release.

Watch the 21.05 Lunch and Learn about the Release!

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