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Aspen Discovery Announces 20.14.00 Release and Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 20.14 release is available. This minor release and includes 8 updates to the Aspen Discovery system.

Mark Noble, Aspen Discovery Developer, recently commented on the release:

This minor release addresses several issues to polish existing Aspen Discovery functionality. We strive to regularly update Aspen to ensure our users have the best discovery experience.

Administration Updates

  • Update multi-select forms using checkboxes.

CARL.X Integration Updates

  • Update PIN Validation rules to allow up to 6 digits when resetting PIN for CARL.X.

Collection Spotlight Updates

  • Remove tab formatting from spotlights if there is only one spotlight.
  • Allow spotlights to be created from search results for events.

Events Updates

  • Update event sorting within the calendar view.
  • Correct display of event start and end times based on the active timezone.

Interface Updates

  • When navigating directly to a page that requires login, navigate to that page after login rather than going to the home page for the account.
  • Fix menu display so the height of the menu so the width of the bottom border can be adjusted.

MARC Record Display Updates

  • Allow repeated subfields within the Physical Description display.
  • Update display of publisher information to include 264 fields with a second indicator of blank or 1.

Materials Request Updates

  • Make error messages when submitting materials requests translatable so libraries can change the text.
  • Fix so status can be updated from the Update Request popup.

OverDrive integration updates

  • Update to properly show titles when a library owns the only copy of a title in their OverDrive Advantage account.
  • Remove storing numeric formats since they are unused with Aspen Discovery.
  • Set format boosts for OverDrive magazines.

Symphony updates

  • Update so holds can be frozen and thawed properly.

System Updates

  • Updates for restarting solr in the event it has issues.
  • Stop indexers for each process when nightly indexing runs to reduce memory consumption.
  • Unify the configuration of cron to use a symbolic link for settings.
  • Remove startBackgroundProcesses script in favor of checking background processes and checking solr.

Theme updates

  • Don't override advanced search button color.

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