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Aspen Discovery Announces 20.04 Release and Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 20.04 release is available. This major release includes 22 improvements and 1 bug fix.

Mark Noble, Aspen Discovery Developer, recently commented on the release:

We are extremely excited about the new functionality in this release, it's hard to choose a favorite new feature. Placards are much improved, especially for consortia. RBdigital integration got some love to help consortia and readers looking for back issues. But, I think my favorite new feature is the OMDB integration to help show cover images for movies which helps libraries save money on cover art.

Release Notes

Administration updates

  • Display release notes within the user interface
  • Allow filtering of logs to only show errors
  • Allow users without opacAdmin privileges to see Collection Spotlights available for Any Library
  • Allow users with userAdmin privileges to masquerade as any user when masquerade is turned on.
  • Increase the maximum allowed size of the system message

Book cover updates

  • Give content editors the permission to upload covers
  • Updates for reloading covers from an individual record
  • Only process google books api for grouped works, not individual records
  • Add the ability to use OMDB as a source of movie covers

CloudLibrary updates

  • Increase timeouts when contacting CloudLibrary to avoid error messages with slow responses

Koha Integration Updates

  • Correct account behavior for patrons that have a username, but no barcode assigned
  • Added the ability to restrict which locations are valid for self-registration

Placard Updates

  • Updated to allow a link to be defined for the Placard to direct the user to a specific location when clicking the Placard or image on the placard.
  • Allow users to dismiss individual placards if an administrator decides it is dismissable.
  • Allow placards to be displayed for individual libraries and locations

RBdigital Updates

  • Update RBdigital to allow for multiple settings to be defined per installation for consortial usage
  • Update RBdigital to index and display all issues for a magazine.
  • Update cover display of RBdigital magazines to show cover for each issue.
  • Allow account interactions with magazines to be done at the issue-level including checkouts, returns, etc.
  • Users are not automatically logged into RBdigital from the Checked Out Titles page when selecting the Open In RBdigital button.

User List Updates

  • Updates for automatic generation of List Covers when not all entries in the list are valid works.
  • Updates for the inclusion of New York Times list when search results are limited to list publishers to include

Bugs and Minor Updates

  • Allow bib level holds by default for items that do not have a value specified in format translation maps

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