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Adding a Twitter Widget to your Koha OPAC

The key to success for your library on social networks is to get people to follow you. This tutorial will walk you through integrating a Twitter widget in to your OPAC, but you can use this guide to help you with integrating any outside service that provides you with HTML or Javascript to embed their data.

In this above video I visit a bunch of links, so let me walk you through the process.

  • First you want to log in to your Koha staff client
  • Next open a new tab and log in to your Twitter account
  • From your Twitter account you want to click the gear in the top right and choose Settings
  • From the Settings menu click Widgets on the left
  • Fill in the info about your Twitter account and your OPAC (make sure that the Domain you enter is your full OPAC URL)
  • Click ‘Create Widget’ when you’re done
  • Copy the code and switch to your Koha staff client tab
  • Click ‘Koha Administration’ in your staff client
  • Go to your Global System Preferences
  • Find the preference for the region you would like to add the widget to
  • Edit the preference by pasting the code from Twitter in to the box
  • Save the preferences
  • Visit your OPAC and see the new widget

If you have an idea for a tutorial video I should do or that you have done yourself (or found on the web) that we should include in this series, just drop me a line and I’ll add it.

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