A Time for Gratitude

During this season of gratitude and giving my wish is that each of us is appreciated for our own gifts and that we are grateful for the gifts of others.

I’d like to begin by extending my gratitude to all of the incredible Koha developers. You utilize your gifts and give so willingly and generously to this community. Your determined and unrelenting efforts to continually make Koha more awesome are not lost on any of us. I want to make sure it is said that you’re Koha’s heroes and each of you are deeply appreciated more than you could possibly know. #Koha++ always!

Next, I extend my gratitude to the incredible users of Koha everywhere. Koha’s beginning must have been tenuous, at best. Choosing to license Koha under a general public license had to take a leap of faith, vision, patience and a dash of crazy. My gratitude to Joann Ransom making this choice! Koha offers a world platform to interact openly about its direction and developments thus making this experience unique and precious. Together, we make this community pop! Who’s seen the movie Field of Dreams when James Earl Jones proclaims to Kevin Costner (aka Ray), “Ahhh, people will come Ray, people will most definitely come”. Well, here we are and we’re still growing! Koha is in great demand and found in every library type and size and in just about every country and language. Koha is the most downloaded, most widely used and translated integrated library system software in the world even being used by Universities worldwide to teach, engage and enrich library students on their way to securing a library degree. Awesome!

Last, but in no way least, is my gratitude for ByWater Solutions. ByWater is an incredible Koha support service provider with an incredible team of employees who get it done everyday! In the library world ByWater is a game changer having the distinct mission to offer the very best in Koha support. To ensure that not only are our partners given the best in support but, that the world community of Koha libraries can depend on us with new and innovative developments that benefit all Koha users. ByWater Solutions was founded with the core value of offering libraries a better choice in conducting their library business both technologically and financially with a reliably heightened level of support. ByWater knows that to be a great library support company you have to be thorough, proactive and responsive. We live our mission and these values everyday! That’s why we’re here, that’s what we do!

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