Watch out for 19.11 News on your Staff Client!

A News Feature

With 19.11 swiftly arriving, a new News feature will be added to your Staff Client in anticipation of this release. This helpful box provides a SQL query to add to the Koha report library and also helpful blog posts related to changes in Koha.

Changes? What Changes?

In Koha 19.11 there were two table changes that will cause changes to your existing reports. These changes were in the Accountlines table and the creation of a new table for Borrower Relationships.

Accountline Changes:

The SQL query can be copied and pasted into your Koha report library and when run will provide the report numbers (IDs) in your Koha report library that will need to be altered in 19.11.

For more information about this change, there is a link to the Account Lines blog post in your News Box.

Borrower Relationship Changes:

A new table has been created for Guarantor/Guarantees within Koha. Previously, borrower relationships were in the borrower table, but have now been moved out. For more information about this change, there is a link to the Multiple Guarantor blog post in your News Box.

19.11 Resources

All our 19.11 resources can be found here! This includes Koha release notes, blog posts, tutorial videos, recorded webinars, and much more!

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