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Viewing an Item in Koha

Here is a short blog post and tutorial video to discuss item statuses and the item holding table.

Searching for an Item

Item Search is probably my most favorite search in Koha for many reasons but this search also can be helpful for circulation staff to find items in a specific status such as Not for Loan, Withdrawn, or Lost.

What is an Item Status? Read this helpful blog post about Item Statuses

An Overview of Item Statuses

What isn't an Item Status in Koha? Read this helpful blog post:

When is a status not a status?

Item Holding Table

When looking at an item from the full bibliographic record, a staff member will see a lot of information in the Item Holdings, but not all the fields that can be filled out.

For example, if an item does not have a call number, that column will still appear in the Holdings table. However, if an item doesn't have a "Material Specified", "Public Note" or "Non-Public Note" filled out, those columns will not show.

All item fields and their descriptions can be found in the Koha Wiki.

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