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Video Tutorial for Placing Holds on OPAC for Patrons

Steps to Place a Hold

1. You will need to know your login information for your library's public catalog. This could be your barcode or userID and a password.

2. Log into the OPAC with your login.

3. Once logged into the OPAC, you can do a search using the Basic Search option or the Advanced Search option.

4. In the set of results that are retrieved, there is a link to place a hold from the brief record displayed, or clicking on a title will also allow you to place a hold.

5. Once you have clicked on Place a Hold- you will be presented with one more screen to confirm this hold. Remember all libraries have different hold policies. If you are unable to place a hold on an item, there will be a screen alerting of the issue.

6. After confirming the hold, you will be able to see the hold along with any other holds you have on your account. This view will also allow you to see the status of your hold.

Additional Features

This video demonstrates the ability to suspend holds and placing comments on books. Both of these features will depend on your library.

Link to Tutorial Video

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