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Video Tutorial for Patrons on Submitting Purchase Suggestions through the OPAC

Steps for Placing a Purchase Suggestion

1. On most library OPACs, the patron will need to log into their account to place a purchase suggestion. There is the possibility that a library does allow anonymous purchase suggestions, but this is the library's decision.

2. Once the patron has logged into their account, the patron's account summary page will display different tabs on the left. One of these options will be Purchase Suggestion. If your library does not allow purchase suggestions, this option will not display.

3. As the video shows, sometimes libraries will also have a quick link to Purchase Suggestion on the main page.

4. The form in Purchase Suggestions will display fields that a patron can fill out. Any fields that are in red are mandatory fields and this suggestion can't not be submitted without the required fields being filled out. The more information that is filled out, the better chances the librarian reviewing the purchase suggestion will order the correct book/item type.

5. There could be a drop down that allows the patron to choose the medium that the purchase suggestion will be ordered in, audio book, large print, DVD, etc.

6. Once the suggestion has been submitted, the patron will see any/all purchases suggestions in the Purchase Suggestion tab on the left.

7. There are statuses that are associated with the purchase suggestion such as Requested and Approved which will show the patron at what stage the purchase suggestion is at.

8. A library could also be utilizing email notices to alert the patron of this purchase suggestion process also.

Link to Tutorial Video

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