Koha How-To

Pre Training: Using Your Test Site

During your migration process to Koha, your data specialist will share with your library a test site prior to your training. This test site will have your migrated data so your library has the opportunity to see how it looks in Koha. This short tutorial video will go through some of the testing your library can do prior to training.

Staff Interface

1. Logging in.

  • When you receive your test site, you will receive login credentials that will work for both the staff interface and the OPAC.

2. Search the Catalog

  • Use the option for a keyword search for something in your library.
  • Use the dropdown options, such as Title, Subject, Series, to search other records in your library.
  • Think about what are the popular searches in your library, try those in your Koha test site.

3. Pick a title

  • Look at both the Marc Record and Item Holding
  • Item Type, Shelving Locations, Collection Codes - are these accurately describing your item.
  • Look over the Item information, call number, date accessioned, non-public/public notes, barcode.

4. Try out the Advanced Search

  • From the top option "Search" using the carrot to find that Advanced Search.
  • Try out some of the options in this Advanced Search - item types, shelving locations, collection codes

5. Patrons

  • Searching patrons from the top bar
  • Using the filters on the left would allow you to see what other ways Koha lets a library search the patron database
  • Once a filter has been submitted, check out the snapshot of the patrons that were retrieved in the search
  • Clicking on a patron (maybe that the tester is familiar with) - then go ahead and check the patron's address, details, card number, circulation notes

6. OPAC Public-Facing Catalog

  • Do another type of search - in the OPAC. Try those popular searches that you know patrons are doing.
  • See how the results display for the patron, play around with the options that are available.
  • Your training log-on works for the OPAC- so you have the ability to place holds, create a purchase suggestion, make a list, use the tagging feature, and more!

Go Test!

The benefits of getting into the test site prior to training are enormous! Please use your test site to your full advantage and ask your educator or data specialist if you have any questions! We are here to help and get your test site ready to be your production site!

For more Migration Help

During your migration, we encourage you to use this test site through training and all the way up to your go-live date. Here are some links to our Training Review and also have some Self-paced tutorials that will aid you in this migration:

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