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Using Voids within the Patron's Account

Tutorial Video on Voids in Koha 18.11

Below is a Jessie and Kelly tutorial video on Voids in Koha 18.11

With the newest version of Koha 18.11, there are a few changes to the Accounts tab in the Patron’s Module. Void is the word!

Prior to 18.11, libraries could use either reverse or void to remove a payment from the patron’s account. In Koha 18.11, reversing a payment has been eliminated from the 18.11 version of Koha. To remove a payment off a patron’s account- the void can be used. This void feature as it did in previous versions of Koha, completely removes the dollar amount of the payment. The line itself will say Voided and the dollar amounts are $0 and green.

In addition to the removal of the reverse option, Voids can now be used for more than just payments! A write-off and a credit can both be removed by using void on the patron’s account screen.

In the tutorial video that Jessie and Kelly recorded- there are examples of Voiding Payments, Voiding Write-Offs and Voiding Credits. Jessie asked about the detail button that is displayed on each line. Clicking this detail button does not show much more to the staff user as the view on the Account tab. However, Kelly mentioned there was an Account Offset table in Koha, that this information could be obtained by writing a report in Koha.

Helpful SQL report for Account Offsets

Here is an example of a SQL report that can be added to the library’s report module that would helpful in assisting with any questions regarding voids.

Select o.id, o.credit_id, o.debit_id, o.type, o.amount, o.created_on, a.borrowernumber, a.description

From account_offsets o left join accountlines a on (o.debit_id=a.accountlines_id)

Where a.borrowernumber=<<Borrower Number>>

Order by o.created_on desc

This report is designed to be run by using a borrower number. A thing to note about the results of this report which will be very helpful, the debit_id/credit_id will match if the transaction was done on the same line.

Let’s look at Lima Bean’s account using this SQL report:

The debit_id = 96 shows the manual debit of the invoice of $2, then the $2 getting written off, and then a little bit later, the write-off getting voided.

The credit_id=91 shows the two charges in the amount of $38 both voided.

Features discussed during Kelly & Jessie’s video

Bug 20703 which gives the user to be able to void any credit was sponsored by Carnegie Stout.

Bug 20629 which removes the ability to reverse payments.

Other Notes from Jessie & Kelly's Tutorial Video

Other notes from the Tutorial Video:

  • Lima Beans- Kelly doesn’t like them and Jessie loves them.
  • 80’s Music- this is just one place you can listen to great 80’s hits

Jessie’s favorite 80’s song: Raspberry Beret, Prince

Kelly’s favorite 80’s song: Manic Monday, The Bangles

Excited for Koha 18.11 ?

Koha 18.11 will be coming to ByWater Solutions partners early summer! Here are some more resources to get ready!

Stay tuned for new blog posts and tutorial videos for 18.11 and our upgrade webinar schedule!

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