Using the Inventory App in FOLIO

The FOLIO platform includes an inventory app where bibliographic information from a variety of sources can be presented in a uniform, abstracted form for the management of the collection regardless of the format or content rules used to describe a resource.

The inventory app has 3 record types: Instance, Holdings, and Item.

Instance records may be derived from full bibliographic records (in MARC or other formats) and are intended to provide enough information for library staff to identify & select records in order to perform work on associated holdings and items. Instance records can also be in the native FOLIO format when a full bibliographic description is not required.

Holdings records
provide the information needed, such as location, call number, and volumes owned, for staff to locate and manage library holdings. Holdings records may describe library holdings that are physical, electronic, or other formats. Holdings records are created and edited in Inventory.

Item record
provides the information needed to identify and track a single item or piece, such as barcode, availability, and material type. Item records are created and edited in Inventory.

FOLIO Documentation

FOLIO Inventory App Community Wiki:

FOLIO Inventory App Structure (diagram)

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