Koha How-To

Using Library Groups in Koha

What's New

With the 18.05 release Koha, you can now define hierarchical library groups. In previous releases of Koha, library grouping allowed only a single level of groups. With this new enhancement, hierarchical grouping allows for groups and subgroups to be created. This will allow for grouping of libraries based on a special library branch or geographical regions, for example. Staff can now set this functionality up in Administration and can be used for search groups and patron visibility limits.

Updated to include local holds information 11/2020

Setting it up

  1. Click on Administration and navigate to Basic Parameters - Library groups.
  2. Click on + Add group
  3. This will populate a window where you will add the following:
    1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Features
      1. Check the box "Limit patron data access by group" - Hide patron's info for librarians outside of this group.
      2. Check the box "Use for OPAC search groups" - Search by Groups from the OPAC.
      3. Check the box "Use for staff search groups" - Search by Groups from the Staff Client.
      4. Check the box "Is local hold group" - Allow local holds from a group of libraries.

4. Next, you will add a subgroup.

a. Title

b. Description

5. From the subgroup you will add libraries, click the +Add Library dropdown menu to select your libraries

6. You can add multiple subgroups depending on your library set up by selecting the actions dropdown +add-subgroup from your root group

Staff Permissions

There is a new system preference that ties into Library Groups.

Under (borrowers) Add, modify and view patron information

(view_borrower_infos_from_any_libraries) View patron infos from any libraries. If not set the logged in user could only access patron infos from its own library or group of libraries.

Independent Branches

If independent Branches is turned on, the groups functionality for "Limit patron data access by group" will not work. Independent Branches takes precedence.

Local Holds

As of 20.05, you can now add local holds. Read more at Define Groups of Locations for Hold Pickups in Koha.