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Town Hall Reopening Your Library - Follow Up

On April 21, 2020, we held our first Town Hall Reopening After the Pandemic. We had a great conversation with libraries on what they were doing to prepare.

Now that many of our libraries have resumed some services, we hosted a follow-up to see what has changed and what libraries are doing.

Here is a recorded version of our conversation on Thursday, June 11th. We were delighted to have two libraries share some of their experiences as they have re-opened.

Catherine Ingram - Cedar Park Public Library

Ed Veal- McKinney -McKinney Public Library

Shared Resources

Here are a few pictures and videos that were shared with us during/after the presentation:.

McKinney Public Library's YouTube video on Re-opening:

Cedar Park's public computer setup- which allows the patrons to use the computers and if they need help, another display monitor can be used by staff to assist them. This is a great idea and so useful as librarians can still serve the public and the public can still use the computers.

McKinney's no-touch self-checkout machine:

For the machines that a lot of patrons are touching, Catherine recommended using contact paper to cover the screen as this is easier and safe to spray cleaner on!

Additional Details

This bug was briefly discussed as something the community is working on:


Catherine shared her library's link to Covid-19 details.

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