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Monday Minutes: Placing Multiple Holds

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie discuss how a library can allow for multiple items on a single record to be placed in Koha.

Multiple Holds on a Record

There are situations in which a library would like to have the ability for staff have the ability to place multiple holds on the same title. If a library is hosting a book club, and they would like to place multiple holds, this tool will be super helpful.

Additional Resources

Circulation Rules

To have the ability to place multiple holds on the same record, the circulation rule for this patron/ item type combination needs to allow for multiple holds.

This column - "Holds per Record (count)" in the Circulation and Fine Rule matrix (found in Administration) would need to have a number higher than 1 for this feature to be effective. Once a library has a rule that allows Holds per Record to be greater than 1 for one or multiple rules, then when a staff member goes to place a hold, there will be a new option:

There will be a new option that will allow a value to be added for a number of holds. Once the hold has been placed, the patron will now appear in the holds list for that number of holds.

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