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Setting up MACROS in the Advanced Editor in Koha

Setting up MACROS in the Advanced Editor in Koha

This tutorial will walk you through setting up MACROS in the advanced editor in Koha. To create a new macro:

  1. Select the “ Macros” button from the Advanced Editor on cataloguing/editor.pl#
  2. A window will open. In this window, select “New macro...” key the new macro’s name in the pop-up box and select OK.
  3. Now click to the right (under the run macro button) and the little number 1, and key the first line of your macro.
  4. For a multi-field macro, hit the return key and that will move you to the key the second line/field, etc.
  5. Your macros will be automatically saved. When finished you can close the window, or select a second macro to run on the record.
  6. You have a Public Macro: checkbox that will allow you to now save and share your macros! This will make them usable by all users.

The Koha Wiki has a page dedicated to Advanced editor macros. You can view macros, who wrote them, the purpose and more.

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Blog post updated 10/27/2020 to reflect new changes for Macros. All new macros will be automatically saved to the database rather than to your cache.

You can read about these changes in Save and Share Your Advanced Catalog Editor Macros.