Setting Up Digital Barcodes in Aspen Discovery - Video Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to display the patron's library card with the option to display the library card as a barcode in ASpen Discovery.

Administration Set up

  1. Log in to the administration portal
  2. Click on Primary Configuration
  3. Click on Library Systems
  4. Click edit next to the system you want to configure
  5. Scroll down and select ILS/Account Integration
  6. Scroll down and select Barcode
    1. Select your Library Barcode Style from the dropdown menu
    2. Select your Min Barcode Length
    3. Select your Max Barcode Length
    4. Enter your Barcode Prefix

Click Save Changes

View the Patron Library Card

  1. Login into My Account
  2. Click on My Library Card under Account Settings
  3. View your library card to scan!

Read more by Jessie Zairo