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Self Check-Out Module Updates for Koha

Partner Developments

For the 19.05 release, the Portsmouth Public Library paid for a development to enhance the self-checkout module in Koha.

As with any developments made to Koha, all libraries that are using this version will also get the development. How cool is that?!

Self Check-Out Module in Koha

Koha has a built-in self-checkout module that can be set up on a computer which can allow patrons to do self-checkout. If your library is interested in setting up this module, see this very helpful blog post with more details. As with any module in Koha, this is free at no additional cost to the library to use this!

What's New for the Self Check-Out Module?

If your library is already using the self-checkout module, there is no added set up to see these new enhancements, they will appear automatically.

Once a patron logs into the self-checkout module, they will now see more information about their account.

Features with Koha's Self Check-out Module:

A patron can check out a book.

A patron can renew a book they have already checked out

A patron can see any holds on their account, and if the hold is at the library waiting, there is a handy exclamation point to alert them.

A patron can see any outstanding fines and details of those fines.

Customizing the Look of your Self Check-Out Module

The self-checkout module will mimic the look of your Koha OPAC. The color of the background of the OPAC will also appear as the color of the self check-out module.

However, if a library would like to alter the look of the self check-out module if a library prefers. These system preferences are:




SelfCheckHelpMessage- a library can choose what to appear in the Help box within this module through this system preference.

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