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Reports to Identify Replaced Items During Import

Importing Records

When a library is choosing the 'Item processing' option during import - and this item is set to 'replace'

Generally, this process includes, the library receiving a marc file with 'processed' item records sent back. (The file contains a $9 itemnumber for each item record).

Then the library imports the vendor marc file and a match is found to the fully cataloged bib record. The next step would be to import items and want to overlay their item data.

Koha takes the items incoming and assigns them to the fully cataloged record by updating the items.biblionumber field, the items.itemnumber stays the same. The items.biblioitemnumber IS NOT UPDATED - it remains the same biblioitemnumber that corresponds to the short bib record originally created. The item has a biblionumber that matches one bib and a biblioitemnumber that matches another bib.

We have found that currently, when the first 'short order' bib record is deleted (or merged into the better record), Koha performs some cascade deletes which results in the item record being deleted because that items.biblioitemnumber matches the deleted record.

For libraries currently using this process, we suggest the workaround: Merge your bibs first. Or alternatively, if your import finds multiple match biblios, don't import items.- make sure to select the original order biblio.

Bug 32804 will keep items on the original bib when they are overlayed

The batch that was imported has the item data - libraries need a report to find the item data to restore

Helpful Report

Item Data from an imported file

If your library finds that this has affected records within your system, this report can be used to find the information on these items from the import file.

SELECT itemnumber, biblionumber, biblioitemnumber, barcode

FROM items

WHERE biblionumber!=biblioitemnumber