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Receiving Purchase Suggestions

This brief tutorial will cover how a library will finish the purchase suggestion workflow with receiving the purchase suggestion.

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Koha has two dedicated notices for items that have been ordered with the Purchase Suggestion workflow and now are available.

The notice, "AVAILABLE", will be sent to the patron when the order created from the suggestion is received.

The notice, "ACQ_NOTIF_ON_RECEIV", will be sent to the patron to inform them on receiving orders they have been added to.


Within the Acquisitions Module, when the items have arrived, you will receive them. From the Vendor page, you can choose to "Receive Shipments" and choose the items that are being received.

Once they have been received, the purchase suggestion workflow is complete. From the Purchase Suggestion Management page, there were will be a new tab, "Available", where these items that were requested, ordered, and now are available in your Koha system will appear.

Acquisitions Module

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