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RDA and Koha

What is it and can Koha support it? RDA stands for Resource Description and Access. It is the new cataloging standard based on FRBR concepts which the Library of Congress has planned to fully implement RDA in 2013. If you have imported MARC records with RDA tags they are probably not showing up in your catalog even though the data exists in the database. Can Koha display them? YES! The way to have your new tags appear is to adjust your frameworks. There are three ways that you can accomplish this.

First: You can visit the Koha wiki page and download a new RDA framework. You can use this framework when cataloging for those bibliographic records that have RDA tags. If you have existing records that use RDA tags, you will need to edit those records and change the framework associated with the record.

Second: You can manually edit your existing frameworks. Go to the Administration page and under the Catalog heading, click on MARC STRUCTURE to add the necessary RDA fields to your framework. Here is a video about how to edit frameworks. For every framework you have that will need RDA tags added, you will need to manually make these edits.

Third: Open a support ticket with us! We have scripts ready to batch add certain RDA fields (336,337,338,264) en masse to all of your frameworks. If you have other fields you would like to add, we can do that too! If you only want RDA tags added to certain frameworks, we can accommodate that as well.

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