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Prevent renewals defined by specific values in the items table

In 18.11 we have a new system preference that prevents renewals defined for specific values from the items table. This new feature is introduced by Bug [15494] - Block renewals by values in the item table.

This new system preferences contains a text field where you can name any field in the items table followed by a colon then a space then a bracketed list of values separated by commas. This is similar to the OPAChiddenitems system preference.

Setting up the system preference

  1. Go to Administration and click on Global System Preferences
  2. Search for ItemsDeniedRenewal
  3. Enter values from the items table for items you would like to block renewals on.
  4. Examples (You will use the code from the itemtype or authorized value)
    1. ccode: [NEW,DVD]
    2. itype: [NEWBK]
    3. loc: [VID]

5. Click Save all Circulation Preferences

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