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Patron Tutorial : Using Cart Feature on the OPAC

This video will show you how to use the Cart Feature on the Public Library Catalog. A cart is a temporary holding place for records you’re interested in finding during a particular session. That means that once you log out of the OPAC or close the browser you lose the items in your cart.

Steps to Save Items to the Cart in the OPAC

  1. Perform a keyword, title, author or search of your choice on the OPAC
  2. Once you find the title you are looking for select the add to cart feature

  1. Click on the cart button in the menu bar at the top of the OPAC
  2. the number to the right of the cart will indicate how many titles are in the cart

  1. In the cart you will have options to do the following
    1. More details which will show the titles description of the record
    2. Send an email with the contents of the cart
    3. Download a list of the contents of the cart
    4. Print of a list of the contents
    5. Empty and Close (which will remove the titles from the cart)

Selecting Multiple Titles to Add to your cart

After performing a search, you can also select multiple titles to add to your cart.

  1. Perform a search on the OPAC
  2. Select the titles you want to add to your cart by ✔️the box to the left of the record
  3. From the bar above the titles, select from the dropdown menu to the left of "Select titles to:" cart
  4. Those items will then be added directly to your cart

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