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Patron Tutorial on Resetting / Forgetting Passwords on OPAC

Here is a short tutorial and video on how to Change your Password and also what to do if you forgot your password for your Library Catalog.

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password, there is a "Forgot your Password" link underneath the Login Area.

Once this is clicked, you will be asked for your Login or Email. This information will ensure that the "Forgot your Password' email goes to you.

Next, check your email for a link to log into the public catalog. The link in the email will only last 2 days, so if you get distracted and forget about this- you will need to go through these steps again.

Clicking the link in your email, will bring you back to the OPAC and allow you to enter a new password. The length and complexity will be stated above the password box.

After this has been done, you may log into the OPAC and start finding some great books to read!

Changing Password

Some libraries give a standard password to new patrons and will encourage you to change your password for security. Changing your password is very easy on the OPAC.

Log into your account using your user name and password.

Once in your account summary, there will be a "Change your Password" tab on the left of the screen.

Enter your new password and confirm!

It is that easy!

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