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New Changes to Koha Lists

There are a few new changes/enhancements to the Lists Function with the release of Koha 17.11.

Prior to this 17.11 release, only items with barcodes could be added to a list. Now items without barcodes can be added to a list by biblio number. This will help the libraries that would like to showcase E-resources via a list the ability to do so!


Adding items to an existing list, a new box would show under the Barcode box which allows for biblio numbers.

Add biblio numbers to this box and the items will be added to the list.

Now with Lists, both the Creation date and Modification Date are accurate. Prior to this release, the creation date would be the modification date. So anytime the list was modified, both the creation and modification date would be updated. With the 17.11 release, the creation date would be the date the list was actually created and only the modification date would be updated.

Another update to the list feature is a clarification to Private Lists and the choices that are listed. When a private list is created, there is an option “Allow changes to contents from” . One of the choices is “Anyone seeing this List” . This option does not apply to a private list, and now there is a message on both the Staff Client and OPAC when creating a list-

“The Anyone Permission has no actual effect while this list is strictly private”

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