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Monday Minutes: Holds Awaiting Pickup

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie talk about a new feature this summer allowing libraries to determine how long a hold is waiting from within the circulation and fine rules.

Holds Pickup Period

A new column has been added to the circulation and fine rule matrix to allow for libraries to alter how long items are waiting to be picked up. By default, Koha has followed the system preference, ReservesMaxPickupDelay, to determine how long a hold is waiting to be picked up. This feature does not change the system preference which will remain the default.

The new column, Holds Pickup Period, will allow libraries to identify circulation rules for which they would like to increase or decrease the amount of time a patron has to be pick up an item. If not value is in this column, Koha will follow the default found in the system preference, ReservesMaxPickupDelay.

Holds Awaiting Pickup

The report, Holds Awaiting Pickup, found in the Circulation Module, has changed slightly to accommodate this new change. The tab that will identify items that have expired, will now say, "Holds Waiting Past Their Expiration Date".

Waiting Hold Since Date on Patron's Account

Additionally, a new date has been added to the patron's waiting hold message from their account. Now staff will be able to see when the item that is waiting for the patron began and also when it expires.