Monday Minutes: View Updated Time in Patron Notices

Jessie and Kelly show a new enhancement in Patron Notices coming in Koha 20.05. This enhancement sponsored by NorthEast Kansas Library System will now display both the time created and updated on for Patron Notices.

Previously, any notices that were created in Koha, would be given the time that the notice was sent to the message queue to be prepared to send. However, since the message queue will send the notice out depending on the type of notice - this new field, updated_on, in Koha 20.05 will assist libraries in knowing when the notice was not only created (time_created) but when it was actually sent to the patron.

In Koha 20.05, the message_queue table in Koha will have a new data field called, updated_on in addition to the existing field, time_created.

Libraries that have reports that include the message queue can add the value: updated_on, to gather this value for their existing reports.


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