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Monday Minutes: System Preference Interface Improvements

Jessie and Kelly show off more upgrade fun coming to your Koha in the Fall of 2021! In this episode, we cover some fabulous improvements in the Administration System Preferences.

Selecting Borrower Fields

With a new improvement in Koha, libraries can now check or un-check the borrower fields for the following system preferences:


Prior to this, a library needed to type in every borrower field in these system preferences, but now it is much more simple.

Sub Categories Listed

Also new with the System Preferences layout, the side tabs will list the subcategories. So if a user wanted to go into the Circulation System Preferences, they would now have a further list of choices instead of scrolling through all Circulation-related system preferences.

Linking Related System Preferences

Another feature that will help libraries navigate the system preferences in Koha, is the linking that shows up when a specific system preference is chosen. In this case below, the system preference that was searched was Patron Duplicate Fields. Included in that search, was a link above it, to show libraries similar system preferences that were related such as "View all Patron Form Preferences". This is a super handy feature to help libraries find similar system preferences and also learn about system preferences they might have not known existed.

More Upgrade Resources

We have all the Upgrade details outlined in this blog post:

Koha Upgrade for Fall 2021

Included in this blog post is a list of New System preferences, Deleted System preferences, and Renamed System Preferences!

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