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Monday Minutes: Electronic Resource Module

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie will give a sneak peek of the new ERM module coming to Koha! The integrated Electronic Resource Management (eRM) module in Koha will help staff manage electronic resources, agreements, licenses and subscriptions.


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A message from Andrew Auld, PTFS-Europe

It is becoming increasingly clear that adding an integrated Electronic
Resource Management (eRM) module in Koha has become a priority. Many
academic libraries and some non academic institutions have a need to manage
their electronic resources more effectively and an eRM provides this
ability. Competing library systems - now often referred to as ‘Library
Services Platforms’ - have eRM functionality built in as core modules
alongside all of the other library system modules. For Koha to continue to
grow in adoption and use across all library sectors, the addition of an
integrated eRM is vital.

With this in mind, PTFS Europe, ByWater Solutions and BibLibre are
co-funding a focussed development project to build a fully integrated eRM
module for Koha. The specification has been developed collaboratively by
these three organisations and as well as sponsoring the development costs
of the project, each organisation is committing resources to ensure that
the module is able to be added to the community releases of Koha in line
with the community’s quality and security assurance requirements.

Though the first version will be highly functional, there will no doubt be
further iterations of development of the eRM module that will follow and
all three organisations will welcome the contributions of any members of
the community that are interested in the ongoing enhancement of Koha eRM.

Jonathan Druart has been commissioned as lead developer on the project
supported by a team of people from the three partner organisations.
Jonathan Field of PTFS Europe is liaising between the project partners so
if you have any questions he would welcome your thoughts and contributions
on jonathan.field@ptfs-europe.com