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Monday Minutes: Show All Checkins

Jessie and Kelly show the difference in your check-in screen with the system preference, ShowAllCheckins, turned on or off.

System Preferences

There are two system preferences that were discussed during this tutorial video, ShowAllCheckins and RecordLocalUseonReturn. These are two separate unique system preferences, however, if a library is using RecordLocalUseonReturn, they may want to turn on the other system preference for the advantage of seeing more of the check-in than a standard Local Use check-in.

The system preference, ShowAllCheckins, allows the library to show more detail to check-ins specifically to their LocalUse items. This system preference would include a local use check-in to appear with the other check-ins in the table below and have all the accompanying fields as with regular check-ins.


Without the system preference, ShowAllCheckins, a check-in of a non-checked out item will look like this:

ShowAllCheckins with RecordLocalUse

If the system preference, ShowAllCheckins is turned on and Local Use is being recorded, then the check-in screen would look like this:

Here is more information about the System Preference, RecordLocalUse:

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