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Monday Minutes: Self Check in Module

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie discuss the Self Check-in Module in Koha. This allows libraries to have a computer in the library dedicated to allowing users to check their items back in!

System Preferences

First, you will want to make sure that the self-check-in module is enabled in Koha before proceeding. Below are a few system preferences that tie into the Self Check-in Module.

Navigate to Administration › System preferences › Circulation preferences › Self check-in module

  • SelfCheckinMainUserBlock: this will allow the library to customize the look of the self-check-in module using HTML
  • SelfCheckinModule: Enable/Disable the standalone self check-in module (available at: /cgi-bin/koha/sci/sci-main.pl). This will allow the library to use this module and also gives the end part of the URL needed to access the page.
  • SelfCheckInTimeout: Reset the current self check-in screen after X secs. This allows the library to set up a time period when the self checkin screen will reset.
  • SelfCheckInUserCSS: Include the following CSS on all the self check-in screens:
  • SelfCheckinUserJS: Include the following JavaScript on all the self check-in screens:

OPAC Self-Checkin

Once you have a dedicated computer set up for self-check-in, pull up your OPAC URL. At the end of the URL place the training URL from the system preference /cgi-bin/koha/sci/sci-main.pl.

This will prompt a screen for your user/patron to log in with their username/ cardnumber and password/pin. Once they log in they can begin to scan or type in their barcode and click the add button to the right. Once they have added all barcodes they are planning to return they can click finish to complete the transaction.

If you have check-in notifications set up for your patrons they will then receive a notification.

Things to Remember

When a user/patron performs a check-in from the self check-in module, this does not trigger a hold if there is one on the title. Staff will need to rescan the title to initiate a hold, transfer, etc.

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