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Monday Minutes : Searching on Staff Client

Searching Tricks on Koha Staff Client

Search Dropdown

For libraries not already utilizing the dropdown in the main search for Koha- go directly to your System Preferences! This handy dropdown menu will allow staff to search for a specific title, call number, author without having to go into the Advanced Search option. (But I do love a good Advanced Search too!) The system preference is called, intranetcatalogsearchpulldown, and this could change your world! If it doesn't change your world, it should at least change your Koha experience.

Item Search

Jessie and I both agree that Item Search should not be hidden! If you have not experienced the beauty and awesomeness of the Item Search- go try it out!

This works like a Koha report, but allows you the flexibility without the MySql writing!

Search and create a barcode file!

Search and create a CSV file!

Search, find and display!

When I am training a new library, I like to call this the "project search option". You may just find a new project when you use this search, or a project just got way easier!

Adding an Item Search Field

If you already had discovered the power of the Item Search before watching this Monday Minutes, maybe Jessie and I wowed you with the ability to add a new Marc Field to this Item Search page!

Found in the Administration module, a library can add a specific Marc Field/Subfield that will display in the dropdown when using the Item Search feature!

February 14th is Bug Squashing Day

Jessie and I shared with you a very important and FUN day that is coming this month and NO it is not Valentine's Day!

On Friday, February 14th- the Koha community has announced that this will be Koha Global Bug Squashing day! Mark your calendars!

Jessie, Kelly and the ByWater team will be hosting a YouTube Live session where we will SQUASH SOME BUGS!!!! Come in and chat with us and ask questions!!

For more information: Koha Global Bug Squashing Day - February 14th