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Monday Minutes : Renewing Items with Holds

Monday Minutes with Kelly and Jessie


In Koha 19.05, a new system preference will allow staff to be able to renew an item for a patron when that item currently has a hold on it. This system preference, AllowRenewalOnHoldOverride by default is not turned on for Koha, but can easily be turned on through the Global System Preferences found in the Admin Module.

Once this system preference is set to Allow, a staff member can renew an item for a patron if there is an exisiting hold it.

There are two places that this can be done in Koha. If a staff member scans the item in under the Renew option, Koha will produce an alert that says the item is on hold, and if a renewal is allowed, staff will enter a due date.

A staff member can also choose not to renew this item.

The other way that this item can be renewed (although on hold) - is from the patron's checkouts. Using the "Override Renewal Restriction" option, a checkbox will appear in the renewal column allowing staff to override the renewal. During this process, a due date can be filled in to tell Koha when this item will be due.

Koha 19.05

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