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Monday Minutes: PreFill Item Preference

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie talk shortcuts for cataloging items!

System Preferences

The system preference PrefillItem controls the behavior used when adding new items. You have 2 choices.

  1. the new item is not prefilled with last created item values.
  2. the new item is prefilled with last created item values.

Using the options here you can choose to have your next new item prefill with the values used in the last item was added to save time typing values or to have the item form appear completely blank. Using SubfieldsToUseWhenPrefill you can control specifically which fields are prefilled.

The system preference SubfieldsToUseWhenPrefill allows staff to define a list of subfields to use when prefilling items. When entering your subfields, separate values with a space. A complete list of all item subfields can be viewed on the Holdings Data Koha Community Wiki page.

Duplicating an Item

In the preferences mentioned above, you can easily prefill new items you are creating. You can easily duplicate each item by clicking the ‘Action’ button the left of each item on the edit items screen. From there you can choose to ‘Duplicate’ the item and this will populate the form with the values from the item you chose.

For More Cataloging Tips and Tricks

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