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Monday Minutes: Patrons Canceling Waiting Holds on the OPAC

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie are live from KohaUS 2023! George Williams and Christopher Brannon, the hosts of the "Terrific Every Other Thursday Koha Training videos" join Kelly and Jessie to talk about the process of patrons canceling their waiting holds on the OPAC.

Circulation and Fine Rules

To allow patrons to cancel their waiting holds on the OPAC, the option lives with the Circulation and Fine Rule page. The Circulation and Fine Rule page can be specific to each library branch, which allows this to be a library-specific rule if the library is part of a consortium.

Patron with Waiting Holds on the OPAC

Once a library has allowed patrons to cancel waiting holds from the Circulation and Fine Rule page, when a patron has a waiting hold, they will see an option to Cancel this 'Waiting Hold".

Staff Process with Canceled Waiting Holds

Once a patron has canceled a waiting hold, a new tab will appear on the "Holds Awaiting Pickup" report will appear. The staff member will then be able to cancel the hold and process that accordingly.

Note: The hold will not actually cancel when the patron hits the cancel button from the OPAC, it will be removed from the patron's account. Once the staff has hit the cancel button, the hold will be actually canceled.

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